Clarasonic Mia vs Foreo Mini + CNP Invisible Peeling Booster

It's been 7 days since I started on my relatively-new skincare regime and I've been bursting with excitement. Also, I know 7 days is a short period of time but tbh, I only see good stuff happening from here onwards HAHAHA and since 11/11 sales is coming, I share first lah. 

Ok, so let's back up abit. I know a lot of u skip my background part but I do encourage u to read it first!! Cause what I recommend may not be the suitable okay?? 

I'll also list out my routine below and show before/after!


Ever since I came back from SG, coupled with the weather turning super dry, my skin decided it will just troll me and went absolutely nuts. Well, okay, that's an exaggeration. I think it's just confused. I always thought my skin was pretty adaptable but I guess age is changing that. 

Anyw, my skin has been just...dull and bleah and I know my skin DOES NOT LOOK LIKE THAT! 

My forehead looked really dry and my temples started to break out regularly again (that's my problem area, for sure) 

My cheeks were reaaaaaalllly dry and my cheekbones were starting to get clogged. My inner cheeks/pores beside the nose and nose were also starting to get clogged faster. 

The only way I had soft clear skin was during my weekly clay mask but that became WAY TOO DRYING. My cheeks were super tight after that. 

I do physical exfoliation 2x a week but that gave me soft skin for like, a day only πŸ™„

I also had to cut down my use of Clarasonic at that time cause again, tight painful skin afterwards.

Since my skin decided to go cray, I tried changing out my skincare cause that normally works for me. Which means products I've recommended u guys and products people are raving about. 

I just started switching out products just to see what my skin wants but omg nothing works and it has been 3 months already! 

Can u imagine my frustration at this point 😫 I hate seeing how clogged and dull my skin is getting.

Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 8.34.55 PM.png

I went back to my old favourites including Uriage K18, Paula's Choice BHA etc. and some other new ones like CosRX and Nip+Fab Glycolic range and NADA, ZLICH, KOSONG.

I don't joke when I say I reaaaaalllly tried all. HAHA

Stuff that were working previously just weren't anymore! Major angst. 

Wah, FRUSTRATED OKAY. I wanna tear my hair out alr. I swear some of you are thinking how bimbotic and #firstworldproblem can I get, but I know there are girls out there who feel me. 

Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 8.35.08 PM.png

Let's talk about the Foreo Mini! This. This rubber thingy. HOW CAN THIS SILICON-RUBBER THINGY BE SO AMAZING. 

Ok, I am one of the Clarasonic-turned-Foreo convert OFFICIALLY. You know, a couple of months back, I was so skeptical cause I don't get how little rubber nodes can clean my skin. But omg, it's really omg. If u hate the clarasonic cause it's too much on ur sensitive skin, this is kickass.

Credits:  Foreo

Credits: Foreo

I got this off the Foreo website so this is the main 'science' behind it? I honestly don't understand how it works but it works, and I'm not questioning it. 

(There's a whole bunch of Foreos out there but after some comparison, and factoring in size, function etc., I just thought the Foreo Mia is suitable for me!)

The Foreo mini is what I own and it comes with 3 different brush zones.

As u can see, there's a large zone at the back and 2 varying zone sizes at the front. The back one is for deep cleansing and the front one is for regular cleansing.

So far, I have had no need to use the back but maybe I will, once a month or smth.

It works quite similarly to the Clarasonic. After removing makeup, I apply cleanser on my face, foam it up a little, wet the Foreo and start using it as stated. I like both speeds and the gentler setting feels like I'm massaging my face sometimes HAHA 

Anyway, I've tried this a couple of times before including other new stuff and the first time I used it? OMG BLOWN. AWAY. 

My skin was super soft to the touch and just felt clean. Smth my Clarasonic hasn't been able to give me! My C made my skin v rough and tight afterwards cause it was SO DRY. But cleansing with the F = NO ISSUES. 

Anyw, I've officially retired my Clarasonic. I loved u. You've done it's job when you're supposed to but you're just waaaay too troublesome and needy. It's you, not me. HAHA ok lame wtv. 

Okay, I've never recommend a tool so strongly before but I HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS. πŸ‘πŸΌ

And now, what made my skin SUPER SOFT LIKE BABY'S πŸ‘ is πŸ‘‡πŸΌ coupled with the Foreo.

This. This is some colorless, watery magical liquid that probably came from a freaking unicorn. Or any fairy skin-godmother. 

See, Dayre makes me buy as much stuff as I enable others HAHAH it's a two-way street. 

I had to google a lot cause this packaging came to me in full Korean. To cut things short and simple, this product contains PHAs, which is better than AHA/BHA! So it's basically a leave-on exfoliant. 

I was a little afraid it won't work cause I tried the Neostrata product which contains PHA but my stubborn skin refused to work with it. It didn't make anything worse but it didn't do anything either. So I was afraid this would be the same. 

HOWEVER, this coupled with my Foreo has given me the softest baby-ass skin I've ever had in a LOOOOOOOOOONG WHILE. 

I've texted so many people about this and the husband is so sick of hearing me go, 'Omg I can't wait to wash my face later and feel how soft it is.' I think I've said it 837283 times since last week. 

I get excited for cleansing wtf HAHAHA but it's true!! Omg I can't explain it further unless u touch my skin but er, no. Just it's soft. Trust me. HAHA

So, Foreo OR Clarasonic?

1. I don't have to buy replacement brushes (Clarasonic's heads are super pricy, everyone knows that) 
2. I don't have to worry about mold or bacteria build-up. (Foreo is 35x more hygienic)
3. I don't have to charge every 30 uses BUT 500 instead. (YAZZZ PLS)
4. Charger is just a USB wire. 
5. It's so compact; INCLUDING charger haha
6. Foreo mini is even cheaper than the Clarasonics in the market, I believe! 
7. Super gentle on skin yet my skin feels AMAZING.

Not convincing you yet?

Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 8.36.07 PM.png

Aside from the lighting difference, my face is completely bare of makeup. 

In the Before, my skin wasn't breaking out btw, it was just really dry and patchy which made my skin red from sensitivity. And look at my clogged pores. As I said, there's nothing MAJOR about it, just that it looks dull and lifeless. 

Now pls look at the After. I can't be making this shit up HAHAHAH 

My skin is sooooo soft and so clear and just πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ. I haven't use ANY physical exfoliation at all and I masked once (as per usual every week). 

I'll let the pictures do the talking and convince u. Let me know ur thoughts! πŸ˜‰