Laneige Tone Up White Dew Fluid / Two Tone Sunscreen REVIEWS!


Got a package from Laneige and I’m still a HUGE fan of their White Dew range. I love the tone up cream, not so much the tone up sorbet but the fluid is love.


This is using the White Dew Tone Up Fluid. As u can tell, it does immediately brightened and evened our skin tone, blurs out pores and skin texture. I’ve been using this daily, even under makeup or just to head out to teach. Doesn’t make me oilier and holds up really nicely even under the weather.


This is using the Two Tone Sun Stick and I liked it more than I thought I would. I honestly also thought the green in the stick would combat redness but no, not much. There isn’t much change in anything but it’s very convenient. I’m not sure how much a stick applies and if it’s enough for good coverage but if you’re indoors, or just want smth convenient. I guess this is quite handy? There’s no heavy/sticky feeling after as well and wears pretty ok throughout the day! No sticky or oily feeling.

BUT, my one concern is hygiene. Maybe wipe surface with tissue after use?? 

I haven’t tried the Air Light Sun Stick but same concerns - if it’s enough for just swipe application and hygiene! I’m a huge stickler when it comes to sunscreen and I’d wear it no matter how uncomfortable it makes me. But I figured if I’m at home the whole day and don’t seek to reapply, I would pick these up!