Laneige Stained Glow Lip Balms and Cheek Glow - Swatches and Review!


Laneige released these new Stained Glow Lip Balms and Cheek Glow so I have swatches! 

Btw, these are ultimate cute packaging. I just wanna display them all out cause the colors are 😍


I swatched all three shades and they are definitely staining. The darker shade (no. 3) left a much darker stain. It swatches really light but appears v nicely on lips. My fave is no. 1. It’s very MLBB and gives this healthy pink. 

Also, these are definite dupes for Dior Lip Glow but they are not as balm-sticky like and leaves a better stain imo! I own the Dior Lip Glow and I really really really don’t like it. I find that these wear more comfortably and has less of an icky-balm sensation.


These cheek cushion were first released as a limited edition cushion a while back and they brought back two more!!!!

I thought Rose Pink would be more of a cool-toned pink but both turned out to be pretty warm-toned. I actually really like Peach Coral - it is this flushed tone shade that’s super complimentary. Super love ❤️

I really have been using more liquid/cream blushes just cause it blends better into the skin and looks more natural and from-within, compared to powder that sits on top of skin. Plus my skin is drier now so it does help with liquid/cream products!