Laneige Tin Balm Tint - Review / Swatches!


How adorable are these recently launched lip tints from Laneige? 

Boosted with ingredients similar to Lineage's iconic Lip Mask, it is really moisturizing and if you like that, think of this as the awesome day tinted version! 


There's 8 shades and you can actually apply it differently! U can use a lip brush or your fingers for a glossier look or an eyeshadow tip for a more natural/smudged look.

For the swatches, I used my fingers and I was actually very surprised by the pigment payoff! I was expecting something lighter cause its a balm right? No. 3, 4 and 7 are the ones that didn't leave much colors on my lips and I think unless you have super ultra pale lips, they would more likely just leave a sheen on your lips rather than add a tint. My absolute favorites are No. 5 and No. 6! They are subtle but still leave a hint of colors, very MLBB. If you prefer something more obvious, then No. 1, 2 and 8 are your go-to. I was very glad to see a darker shade included! It looks very vampy in the tin itself but because its just a tint-balm, you just get a darker berry shade stain without looking gothic haha 

Overall, a major A for these. I love Laneige lip products and they have never failed me. These would go great from no-makeup days to errand-running days. You get a gorgeous hint of color without going overboard. Great for school even! Plus the price point is also super friendly and packaging is sooooo cute. A big difference from your normal regular lip tint. 

It's slightly troublesome that you have to use your finger or a tool, i admit. I've been using it with my finger and then just rubbing it off with a tissue paper and it isn't that bad, i feel? Not as inconvenient as I thought it'd be lah.