Laneige Stained Glassticks - Swatches!

I think some brands do certain products exceptionally well and for Laneige, lip products are definitely one of them. They recently released a new range called the Stained Glassticks and as the name mentioned, they do stain, albeit very lightly. The 'Glass' is referring to the light-reflecting property it has, giving it this very pretty shine because this is definitely not matte. The lipstick is very moisturizing and if you never like matte liquid lipsticks, try these!


Packaging is very...long. HAHAHA But very classic Laneige - clean and simple. The lipstick, when you first open it up, is VERY NICE. Like jewel really?? But it disappears immediately when you use it hahaha I was SAD.


I freaking love 7-10. The shades are so nice omg good job, Laneige. Their lip products always always win. They do stain alil too so that’s always good imo. I am not left with patchy leftovers. 

I think younger girls will prefer the slightly brighter pinks and corals? Then got the subtle rose, mauves and reds for the ladies working in offices! 

These are great for layering and I find that a mix of 2 works really well together too. 


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• Essence Glow Like A Mermaid Highlighter
• Innisfree Smart Drawing Blusher (03) 
• Laneige Stained Glasstick (08+10) 

I’m LOVING the glassticks!!! They are sooooo moisturizing and leave this gorgeous hint of color. They do fade fast because of the texture so these are NOT transfer-proof. But they do leave behind a hint of color and a slight tint. ME LOVE.