Laneige Pore Control BB Cushion (21) - detailed review!

I own this cushion for a long long time but I realized I've never written a full review for it before so here's a quick one!


I press one pump of the cushion and dab it all over one cheek and it still had leftover for my forehead. As you can see, the coverage is decent, my redness is completely removed and my pores were blurred out mostly. 

For oil control however, this isn't the best? I still had to blot once throughout a 6-hour wear time and I was still a tad shiny by the end of 9 hours. It wasn't too bad, just a little too glowy for my liking! I could still see my blush intact but my highlighter was pretty much gone at the end of 9 hours. 

I do love this for a short day out just cause it can even out my skin tone, is really lightweight and feels so nice on my skin. But if I were to be out for a long day, I would definitely need to bring a compact powder for touch up!


 This is just with a light layer of the Laneige Whitening B.B. Cushion (21)! 

Btw the cushion shade change leh?!! My recent use of the Pore Control and this is damn amazing??! Cause I’m v pink-toned and Laneige cushions mainly v pink for brightening as well and it just emphasizes my redness. 

When I used them again this time, they are much yellower and it totally neutralizes my redness omg??? I can’t stop using them. Wait I show u all.


Omg me so happy. This new Sparkle My Way Laneige ones really make me damn happy looking at it and I opened it to use it since I’m almost done with my Mamonde one alr.

I LOVE yellow-toned cushions cause most of us, our neck and bodies are yellow. For me, my face is red/flushed and very pink-toned, so I need a yellow-based product to neutralize my redness. Laneige always did their cushions super pink for brightening (Korean-style) UNTIL NOW. Thank you Laneige I luv u so much 💕💕💕

I believe the new range is available on Lazada and Shopee! If you are pink-toned, you’ll LOVE LOVE LOVE the new range! Both the Whitening and Pore Control range are more yellow-toned now.