Laneige Layering Cushion


When Laneige came up with the B.B. Cushion, before every brand jumped on board, I really really enjoyed using it. It was one of those base that was lightweight, evened out my skin tone and just made my skin feel breathable. 

They recently launched the Layering Cushion which
1. Looks SO CUTE and hello, rose gold packaging 😍
2. Comes with a concealer
3. Has a tear-drop shape sponge to get into those corners.


How the compact looks! I am using it in shade 21! I’m very pink-based so despite no. 21 suiting my face, it actually doesn’t translate well to my neck cause my neck and body are very yellow-toned. I always need to remind myself to bring it down my neck so I don’t look ridiculous. 

The concealer is slightly lighter than the cushion itself!


There’s several ways to use it and the first way I tried was using it as it is - cushion on my face, concealer on areas like under eyes and around laughlines. 

I was nicely satisfied with the coverage and blendability with first use but if you’re looking for high-coverage concealer, this isn’t it. I actually had to use a brightener under my eye areas before using the concealer.


When I say the cushion is dewy, I really mean the cushion is dewy. 

On the left, I’m using another B.B. cream and that had a semi-matte finish with a slight glow. 

On the right, is Laneige’s Layering Cushion. Aside from the slight difference in lighting and base, I used the exact same base products for everything else but look at how GLOWY the cushion is. 

I was absolutely quite terrified but I braved it and went out. I had a whole day of event going on and I was major terrified it will melt off my face okay.

After 7-hours, it did hold up better than I expected. There was some parts that wore out and my redness was definitely coming thru but overall, it did hold up. It also didn’t oxidize on me so kudos to that. 

I don’t think you will like it if u have oily skin. I don’t have VERY oily skin so it held up ok but if you do, I really dk how it’s gonna last. 

If you have normal to dry skin, and you really like glossiness (yaz, it does really look abit like a glossy finish of a developed pic LOL), then you will really enjoy using this. It’s legit glow for life. 

You can see how glowy it is if you follow Sherlyn Chan on IG. She has almost flawless skin and it looks good on her lah. But I don’t have perfect skin and it makes me feel slightly self-conscious cause the reflectiveness kinda highlights all the issues, I feel.


A second way is to mix the cushion and concealer together. The concealer has a matte finish while the cushion has a dewy one. When mixed, it gives a semi-matte finish. Not completely matte but definitely not so glowy.


I actually prefer this method. It holds up better and I was semi-matte for a longer period. 

My natural oil did come thru at around the 6-7th hour mark but I simply blotted lightly with a tissue paper. Since I was out longer that day, I used my Canmake compact to touch up slightly and all’s good! 

There wasn’t any oxidization and I could still see my highlighter/blush/contour! 

Overall, I really enjoyed the product and would recommend it if you
• like dewiness in your product (you will look AMAZING if you have normal smooth skin lah tbh) 
• normal to combi skintype should enjoy this without issues. 
• have no major issues but looking to even out your skintone

The product itself is
• pretty high coverage. A little is all I need to even out my skin tone and redness
• 21 is pink-based so it’s brightening
• tear-drop puff helps with corners of face
• doesn’t oxidize
• decent oil control

I don’t really have oily skin anymore so both ways of using lasted pretty ok to me, imo. However, I really think you are not gonna like it a lot if you don’t set and have oily skin. 

Okay! Hope this helped with if u were on the fence about the product.