Laneige Wild at Heart Holiday 2018 Collection!


Went all out for Laneige’s Neon Glow event at Ion the other day. The Glow House is at B4 atrium (right infront of Watsons) and will be there till 18th so u can check the holiday collection out! It’s WORTH IT btw. Lemme show y’all how beautiful this year’s ones are


This is what we call #buy1get1free LOLOLOL Flo and I are a package, yes? Hahahaha


I LOVE the neon lights. I wanna get one customize next time but I just dk what design to get yet. I do really like the Good Vibes one. Laneige, can give me after you are done with it? HAHAHAHAHA


Theme was pink and blue and I think I did it hahaha wore my super cute floral skirt from #TTR! This design is old but the fit is so amazing.


The PR came in the cutest packaging.


These are everything that is inside.

Btw, before I continue, I just wanna add that I have been picking out stuff from PR to put together a CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY. I might have enough for 2-3 and I just need to take pictures damnit it’s gonna be awesome, I promise


The Stained Glassticks have 2 new additions - Neon Pink and Neon Orange. They look very scary as swatches. Abit like highlighter


But they are very beautiful on lips. The orange one is a LOVELY coral so I was quite surprised. I mean, ain’t no body wanna have highlighters as lipsticks yah so I’m glad they weren’t really neon. But if u wipe off right, then u see the tissue paper is legit a neon shade leh hahaha It’s very odd and I’m v intrigued by it!


They also have an eye and face palette and I thought it’d be a typical Korean-quality kinda palette but damn this pigmentation in this palette is freaking awesome. 

U can see for yourself ah?? Haha the eyeshadow shades are meant for 2 looks (top row is a rosy-pink and bottom row is a warm brown) but u can mix and match and do what u want cause why not? 

The blusher and highlighter are duochrome.


Idk if u guys can see. The blusher is a coral-pink with blue gold reflects and erm, I really am not a fan of this shade. It looks very...weird. 

The highlighter tho OMG DEAD OK. It’s this champagne-gold with pink reflects and totally mermaid vibes. I died as i swatched it. After I remove the swatches, I went back and re-swatch it cause I really couldn’t believe how GORGEOUS it is irl. I don’t think I own anything like this in my stash!


There’s many different sets for the holiday collection and one of them is the lip one! It comes with 2 masks and 2 glowy balm. The mint one is new and I can’t wait to try it. I’ve been giving this lip masks to everyone - my MIL, my SIL, my husband and so on cause it’s THE BEST. 


I love it. I still use it every single night. This is my holy grail of lip masks and I actually really love the thick layer that some don’t like. I LUVZ it. 

The Laneige Glow House is on till the 18th so go down and get ur holiday stuff! If I must pick one...I would say go for the palette. I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would, the quality is amazing, I died for the highlighter alone and the packaging with the electric blue just makes me so happy hahaha