Laneige Tattoo Lip Tint - swatches and review!


These packaging are to-die-for. The whole thing is clean and sleek, in this matte plastic in the most vivid red shade. I got these 4 shades and would it surprise u if I say my fave is Rose Prism hahahaha


The colors are pretty true to color and omgggggg damn pigmented and damn pretty. One swipe is pretty much all you need.


The applicator is pretty damn cool. It has this sharp edge and applies around the edges super clean - as u can see from the lip swatches.


And if you were looking for smth that stains, pls buy this. Omfg this stained the life out of me. 

The image below is after 30 seconds of application and me using an oil remover and vigorously removing the product. 

Also, I ate a plate of Nasi Lemak after that and STAIN WAS STILL THERE. So erm, yah this will stain you. For good. LOL. No lah I kid, it eventually wears off on its own.