Laneige Ideal Blush Duo - swatches/review!


Ahhhhhhhhhhhh 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

I nearly died when I opened these. I am still in disbelief when I get these packages cause ζˆ‘ζ˜―θ° lah omg #forevergrateful #wanttocry 😭

Okay, but θ―΄ηœŸηš„, I was just ogling at these for the longest time when they arrived cause PACKAGING ON POINT. 

Laneige have been working really hard at changing up their packaging and I think they are doing smth right. 

They still kept some of their old style like the sleek white packaging but the small details are the ones that really caught my eyes. 

The rose gold sides are just so mersmerizing. I feel like packaging makes up a good 30% of a makeup product. I find myself reaching for stuff that looks better and I like displaying them which means I reach for them more. LOL I don't think I'm the only one? 🌚

A closer look! 

The magnetic clasps means there's no ugly kiap kind that requires u to use ur finger nails to pry them open. 

And you can see how sturdy it is actually. I accidentally swipe one off my table and I swear I just died for 3 seconds and was so afraid it would be shattered but NO LEH??? Travel-proof lol


The blush comes with a stray brush - stray because there's really nowhere in the packaging to keep them. Tbh, this is GREAT for me cause I don't use accompanying brushes that comes with palettes - be it eyeshadow or blush. So I don't have to worry about these falling out of the palette when I carry them around traveling etc. 

However, if u r the kind who likes using accompanying brushes and find them convenient, then erm, this is not. U got nowhere to store them?? It was just in the box with the palette. I was v confused. With that said, the brush isn't scratchy or rough and pretty soft! I just dk what to do with mine now lol


Ft. swatches for No. 1, 2 and 3. 

The first 3 are all matte. 

No. 1 reminds me of Benefit Lollitint - a pretty lilac shade and don't be scared of it k. If u use Lollitint before, yknow it will blend into a light shade of purple-pink and is quite easy to pull off! Pairs v well with purple-toned lippies. If I want smth more subtle, I mix the two shades to get smth lighter and lesser of a purple.

I admit No. 2 threw me off with that mint shade. I love the peach-pink shade by itself - it's gorgeous and easy to match. Then I realize if I mix the two shades, I get a soft bright peach that is actually quite nice leh?? But I still prefer the peach shade by itself tbh. 

No. 3 is the easiest to use imo. It has a baby pink and a peach shade - can use then each on their own and looks v pretty when mixed too.


Ft. No. 4, 5 and 6

No. 4 is the only non-matte one! The top is this shimmer champagne shade that would be an AWESOME subtle highlight and the bottom shade is a coral shade with a slight sheen as well.

No. 5's top shade is useless to me cause it's my skin shade but the bottom is a pretty berry. Still, can be mixed to get a softer berry if you're intimidated! Both mattes as well. 

No. 6 comes with a slightly-darker-than-skintone nude so can use for subtle contouring if you're not up for really cutting/strong contours. It's pretty neutral in tone as well so shld work for most skin shade! The darker brown is too warm for contouring so it'd be good if u bronze! If your skin tone is warmer and not cool, u can mix the two to get a pretty decent contour shade. Don't think it'd be suitable if you're a really cool-toned fair kinda shade tbh.


I'm wearing a mix of No. 3 Juicy Rose here and achieved this peachy pink shade 😍 Me likey. 

The powders are really soft and u can decent color payoff with a light touch. It's great cause u wanna build the shade instead of using too much and then try to correct that. It's definitely buildable! 

There is slight fallout in the pan when I use a stippling brush to pick up the product and i think it's cause the powder very soft. But nth major or alarming lah.

I think my faves out of all 6 are no. 1, 3 and 4!