Laneige Water Glow Base Correctors + Gel Foundation (21)

Laneige has been killing it with the color-correcting products and I am here to review another set of them! I have previously reviewed the Skin Veil Base Cushions in green and purple here. I will talk about the difference below in awhile.

I also have a full post on a guide to Color-Correcting here. Just for reference, I am gonna attach a simple pictorial guide.


The main difference between the two is the packaging. These came in a pump bottle and I honestly prefer this. I feel like pumps are just more hygienic in general. I also feel like these would only work well on fair skin given the shades available. 


Not only that, these are definitely lighter! The 'Water' is very apt in this case, imo. It is really very light and watery. It blends out really sheer too. I feel like this would be a better everyday CC-base just cause its lighter? Doesn't feel as heavy even if u put foundation on after. 

The light pink is to target bluish undertones (e.g dark circles). The light green would do wonders for redness and the light purple is to reduce yellow-ness and discoloration so as to brighten up skin. 


I decided to just try these out for a no-makeup day just to see how they look on bare-skin and if I can get away with it. I used alil light pink under my eyes to correct the darkness there. Green around my cheeks and nose area where my redness normally occur and a little purple around the mouth area cause thats where my dullness is. 

Pardon my shitty skin. I was PMS-ing when I decided to try out these for this review.


And here's a before/after! Not too bad right? I feel like my skin is brighter and more luminous - u can tell my undereye areas are slightly brighter but obviously, not fully covered cause I have no concealer on. My redness are definitely more toned down and everything just looks more even! There's also a pretty healthy glow. U can see I never put any product on my nose and they are the same shade in both pics so the difference is really from the product. 

I wore the above out for an entire day and I didn't feel like it controlled oil but it did last a good 6 hours on me before I started noticing fading and my redness coming through again. Not too shabby for something so lightweight! 

I personally prefer this to the Skin Veil just cause its easier for everyday use and it gives me this luminous finish that I really like. It looks even better when my skin's behaving.


A quick comparison to the Skin Veil cushion one they came out with - this is definitely heavier and even after blending it out, u still can see it quite obviously. When I just wore this, it left a pretty obvious 'mask' just cause it was so pigmented. I feel like this would be great for an event where u would need better coverage but on regular days, the Water Glow should be enough!

As for the one I'm using every time I go out now, it's the green one. I really like that it reduces redness (which is one of my angst issue in life) and don't feel heavy while at it. 

It pairs REALLY WELL (imo) with the Water Glow Foundation, just cause the foundation is so light and sheer. I dont like heavy coverage foundation unless it's for a short/few-hours-only event.

A simple comparison 

Water Glow Base Corrector

  • Bottle with a pump
  • Watery and lightweight
  • Blends out sheer
  • CC is very subtle but gives luminous finish
  • Can be worn alone or with foundation

Skin Veil Base Cushion

  • Cushion with puff
  • Slightly heavier and thicker 
  • Blends out with obvious coverage
  • Very pigmented color correcting
  • Can be worn alone but should wear with a lightweight BB/foundation on-top

I scratched my arm lightly to induce some redness, so I can show u how sheer this is. 

It is very brightening and lightweight, similar to the Water Glow Base Corrector in both texture and smell. It blends easily with a wet beauty blender and u really barely get any coverage. The kind I like lol. It just evens out my skintone lightly. 

U can see how sheer this blends out so if u have an extra thick liquid foundation that u wanna sheer out, this should help do the trick. But I personally prefer using it as it is or coupled with the green CC so it help reduces the redness!


I use about 3/4 of a pump on one side of my face and it's more than enough for me to get the coverage I want. There's this slight blurring effect over the pores and because it's yellow-toned, it also helps counteract my natural redness.


The finish of it is really v v nice. (OMG LAHHHH the blush also damn nice leh wtf) I'm very obsessed with these 2 ATM. Great for if u want a light coverage product to just even out ur skintone on a daily basis.

And I know the pic is blur hahaha but we were in a rush and I didn't manage to take another one 😭 so let's just pretend it isn't HAHAHA