Laneige Skin Veil Base Cushion - Light Green/Light Purple (Swatches & Review!)

I wrote a really extremely long post on color-correcting here a while back and how to incorporate it into your makeup routine. I thought I'd reference that cause I'm gonna be sharing some new color-correcting products from Laneige! 

I've been enjoying how Western companies are bringing in Korean-style products and vice-versa. I don't think CC is a really big thing in Korea till recently?? Correct me if I'm wrong pls hahah and I don't mean CC creams yknow? Like actual color-correcting.

Here are the two cushions I received in Green and Purple! The packaging is pretty standard cushion packaging from Laneige!

Looks v intimidating right?? But it's not lah. Very easy and fun one! 

Most CC shades will include a green cause redness is an issue for most. And if u put foundation over red area, most of the time, it will just turn pink unless ur foundation is super dooper high coverage. Like HIGH. But it's so uncomfortable to wear high-coverage foundations daily?? So this is where color-correcting comes in handy. 

Purple is mainly for brightening yellow dull skin! 

However, I must add that if u r tan, basic color-correcting shades will not work as well. Red spots on dark skin won't exactly appear as red spots so if u put green on it, it will just look super pasty. 

These are really catered more to fairer-tone people tbh!

I swipe a ton to show y'all the shades but don't go in as heavy handed HAHA confirm look like ghost.

I'm quite tan right now (well, tanner than I ever have been in a looooong while) and my undertone is reddish when the weather is warm.

As u can see, the green, when blended out, tamed down the redness but because I'm tanned, it looks v white on my arm. This is what I meant by these kinda CC-shades won't work too well on tan skin. 

As for the purple, because I don't have yellow dull skin on my arm, it just mostly disappeared when blended out. But I'll show u the effects on yellow dull areas.

I won't head out liddis normally lah. Definitely need a base so I don't look like I'm wearing a mask and to match my face to neck.

U can see the unevenness on the other side where I only have sunscreen on! It's really nothing major as of now but who dk want even glowy skin right. 

If you're fair, this would work really well as a product to even out your complexion and you won't need a base if it matches ur neck.

For the sake of this review, yes, I went out only with the color-correcting cushion on just so I can test the longevity of the product by itself. Can u tell how white my face is compared to my neck. I'm crazy HAHA how did I even head out like this. 

I only added blush and that's cause
1. I look like ghost
2. I wanted to see if the base will last = blush will last  
3. If my redness come thru, my blush will just blend into the redness and become nothing lol

At the end of the night, I must say that it held up really well? I didn't set it with anything as well leh! 

I can still see my blush where I placed it and I wasn't overly oily or anything. My skin is still majorly adjusting to the humidity here and I'm just oily everywhere for real. But I must say, it held up really well.

I waited for bus, walked under heat for 1/2 hour, ate at a coffee shop, did errands and all and I could still see blush at the end! Nubbad 👌🏼

Cause I'm so pink and red, I definitely cant use the purple to brighten up my skin cause that's gonna make me pinker. The green is perfect for my redness mostly. 

I like just using my fingers to apply alil of the purple around the duller outer corners of my lips and my entire eye area is very yellow so that's also good there. 

If you're not prone to redness like me, and just find ur skin dull and lifeless, GET THE PURPLE! It will definitely brighten ur skin tone up!