Laneige NEW Silk Intense Lipsticks

Good Saturdaaaaay morning to all u back home. I figured since it's Saturday and most of u r gonna be shopping (or online-shopping hahaha), I'll enable some new products and HGs of mine from Laneige! 

When I first heard that there will be 35 new shades for the new Laneige Silk Intense line, my heart skipped many many many beats. Lipsticks are my true weakness and I nearly died when Amore Pacific kindly sent them all to BOSTON. Like, freaking Boston is damn far and it's so expensive to do that. Do u know how touched I am? ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ My skin and I are really forever grateful to them for getting me started on this Korean-Asian beauty routine. 

Let's take a look at these beauties! I'll show the swatches first then review the lipsticks below.

The packaging is so stunning and it comes with little lip swatches omg so cute. My husband don't let me stick them up on the wall okay saddddd. 

There are 5 star shades amidst the 35 and Singapore is the only country carrying 35 shades!!!#SgPride hahahaha

I've reviewed the two of the original Silk Intense lipsticks here before.

The five star shades! I thought I wouldn't like how Clean Effect would look on me but omg it's such a stunning orange red. It's soooo bright and cheerful. 

If u r looking for a good classic red, Come and Get Me would be a good choice! It's rather blue based so ur teeth won't look too yellow.

How the five shades swatches on me. Isn't Clean Effect so nice omg luvvit. The best part about these is that it can be sheered out or worn pigmented. Plus can mix and match for gradient lips.

Isn't this gradient combination so pretty. I told u I like Clean Effect haha

I use a lip brush to do this so I don't tint the lipsticks but even if u don't have a lipbrush, u can just use ur fingers lah. I was feeling fancy-pansy. 

I'm not too sure who else on dayre has swatched all 35 of these aside from flo so I shall use her grouping so those of u that follow her too can cross-reference easily! I'm about 1-2 shades darker than her so FYI. 

Cause some of the shades are rather similar under my lighting, I placed the lipstick right by the swatch so u can compare. They are all pretty true to color shown on the lipstick.

These are the lighter shades out of the entire 5 and has some very wearable everyday pinks, and Chiffon Beige being the only pinkish nude. It is also the least pigmented one and required more swipes to be seen better.

Pink Garden and Orange Flavor are very demure girly shades, with Orange Flavor being slightly more peachy. If u r into the peachy-makeup trend rn, Orange Flavor and Like a Selfie will be right up your alley.


These are the blue-based pinks in the range. I was terrified when I saw Neon Pink but when I use my ring finger to apply in a very sheered out manner, it kinda color-corrects my lips to a lighter natural blue-pink which makes my teeth whiter HAHAHAHHAHA damn cheat but for realz, it works cause it's soooo blue. 

Martini Pink is a stunning Barbie pink. I love it. I cannot wait to wear these out for Spring. Btw, it's 1st April and it's still snowing out there wtf

These are your peachy pinks. More suitable for warm-toned girls if u find blue-based pinks like the above wear ur skintone out! Get healthy Rose would be a super pretty MLBB when sheered out. Its damn nice irl. 

And here we have ur absolute classic reds. This is my Fave Part I. LOVE THIS RANGE LIKE MAD. 

It has reds from the lightest to the darkest and Bloody Burgundy makes my heart cry. I love the Serum Drop Tint in Bite Me and this is like the lipstick version of it in a warmer tone. Omg it's so beautiful. I love this shade like mad. 

What I love more is pairing the two together. It gives me this deep classic red which makes me look like Snow White pls.

How they swatched and paired together. And because one's cool-toned and the other's warm, it creates this pretty perfect neutral red that's so complimentary.

These are your coral and orange shades. My favourite one aside from Clean Effect in this range, is Wannabe Red. It's this warm-brown brick red. Super pretty. Lemme show u how it swatches.

It's this gingerish warm midtone brick red. Damn lovely irl and rather unique!

This is my Fave Part II, as well as I'm sure, a lot of girls' favourite ranges. If I were to buy 5, these would be my first 5. Yes, despite all of them looking so similar. I'm a sucker for mauve-rose shades like these ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

Look at Cameo, and Privilege, and Rosy Smug.....*sighs happily. 

Bronze Hip is the only kinda different one with it being a rosy-brown. It's not a true brown so if u don't like those, but still wanna try smth with a tint of brown, this would be good.

The last row super hip hahaha There's 3 purple shades; 1 grey and 1 yellow. The grey and yellow are tone-altering shades and by that, it means u can use the grey one (Forest Fantasy) to lighten and give ur lipstick a cool tone, or use the yellow one (Exotic Yellow) to warm up your lipstick. It's so smart lah. 

I like to use a lipstick brush with this so it doesn't really contaminate the lipstick.

I played around with a few of them just to show u how it looks across the range of pinks, reds, corals and rosey shades. 

So the pink one when mixed, gives a cool grey lilac (damn badass - reminds me to TooFaced Melted in Fig) and a peachy nude!

I love what it does for the reds especially - giving one a more muted tone down rosy shade and the other a peachier tone.

The corals produce more muted peachy nudes!

And the mauve-rose shades. I feel like this range has the most subtle changes across all.


So fun right omg. I love the rosy shade Wannabe Red and Forest Fantasy gives. It's so MLBB. 

I lip-swatched a bunch of them for this post and I can officially say - these are really v moisturizing. They are so comfortable and the consistency and pigmentation is out of this world. I didn't even use a balm between swatches and they didn't dry my lips out. 

I also love that it doesn't need a lip liner!! These doesn't bleed despite being super pigmented and they leave a tint! Extra yay for not just flaking away into nothingness. 

Packaging is per usual, v clean and sleek plus this comes with a magnetic clip. No more loose caps in the handbag. I really hate lipstick packaging that don't factor in that. Have they seen most women's bags?? Okay maybe I'm only speaking for myself hahahaha

The lipsticks are available at all boutiques and counters plus can find them on!

I just checked and this is the deal on! If u have been wanting to try Laneige BB Cushion, now is a good time! Can get new lipstick in the meantime. Why not hahaha