Laneige Water Drop Tinted Lip Balm

The only balm I've been carrying and using all day - Water Drop Tinted Lip Balm

Y'all know the lip mask is my must-have every night and even my husband is using it wtf. He LOVES how it feels. 

This is a tinted balm but it's not your typical bright pink tint. It has a very subtle shade. In fact, it reminded me so much of the......

Dior Lip Glow Color Reviver!

This is really pricy tbh and I bought it on one of my reckless mode. I like it enough to use it on lazy days but it does leave an exceptionally waxy feeling and now I have a better alternative heh heh

Both are super similar! I call dupe here haha

Its not a super bright tint that a lot of other balms have. It just makes my lips looks extra healthy - without being too shiny or pink. Very natural. I've been gravitating towards this multiple times a day. It's makes my lips so soft.

2 layers of both and taken about 3 minutes after application. They look exactly the same wtf. In fact, I really like this packaging more than the Dior one. It's sleeker and super cute with the white and pink 😍 I never really got the ball-thingy they attached at the end of the Dior one. The anal-ness in me don't get it

On the left, I applied the Laneige lip balm only on the bottom lips so u can see the tint. My lips are slightly discolored from so many years of lipstick application.

The balm gives just this v healthy tint. Not too pink or too red. I have too many tinted balms that look really artificial after a while! This is exceptionally useful for no makeup-days (which is the apparent trend) or even for school!