Laneige Pure Radiant Shadows -Swatches + Looks

Also super excited to share the palette I love the most from these Laneige quads. I'll also share the swatches for all of them too so you ladies can see the shades.

Tangled Tangerine

Tangled Tangerine

This is Tangled Tangerine! Such a funny name 😂 But I guess it does have varying shades of tangerine.

I was expecting more out of shade 3 tbh because if it were to swatch as seen, it would be stunning! But, it has more glitter which made it slightly hard to apply dry. I find that it worked well with a wet brush!

I must say, shade no. 4, that deep yummy chocolate brown is AMAZING. It swatches really smoothly and it's this brown shimmer with gold undertones.

Classy Mood

Classy Mood

This is a full matte palette called Classy Mood.

It's such an interesting combination. I find the shades rather similar to my TooFaced Matte Eye Palette.

Anyhoo, here's a swatch of it! The dusty purple swatches better on my arm and appears lighter on eye lids. The first shade is useful as a browbone highlight but not on fairer girls. I think the Korean trend has less focus on highlighting tbh.

Rosebay Garden

Rosebay Garden

This is the star!

For the past few weeks, I've reached for this particular palette almost every time I put on makeup just cause I wanna use the reds in it! I was also googling so many ways to use red just to see how I can use it. 

It is definitely smth I don't own but omg I can't put it down now. It's a very reddish palette with a mix of peach, mauve and a rose red 😍 A very easy basic red-tone palette to use.

Look at the blush tones. *Sigh contentedly

The red is really so lovely and I live for the dusty rose shades. It's so perfect for fall! I'm abit late to the game for this one cause I've seen a few girls talking about it alr and omg, it's really gorgeous.

The eye-look I came up with using this palette! Isn't it very very nice omg I love it.

1. I applied the lightest champagne shade over 1/3 of my lid with a flat brush. 

2. Followed by shade 2 in the middle-ish part of the lid.

3. Then with the deepest red, I went in with to the outer corner and brought the shade slightly into the crease.

4. Decided that it would look more 'whole' with liner so I used the Laneige Edge Drawing Liner in Dark Brown

I also tried mixing the palettes up and came up with the look below:

1. I used the dark red in Rosebay Garden as a crease color.

2. Using the same red, I pat it on my inner and outer corners of the lid. 

3. Using the darkest brown in Tangled Tangerine and pat them down in the same lid areas as step 2. 

4. I placed Half-Baked from the UD Naked in the empty lid space left and then just made sure to blend everything out nicely

If u want this look to pop more, just add more gold in the middle and darken the brown more slightly!

Been gravitating towards warm tones recently - red, brown, gold. This look actually required more gold in the middle of the lid which I didn't had so I went for Half-Baked in the Naked Palette.

I got reminded about the Etude House quad I own and here's a comparison! The reds are slightly different with EH one being slightly warmer. Laneige's red is more blue-toned and has a slight sheen whereas the EH one is matte. 

The Laneige one is also slightly more mauve-y compared to the EH one; that's a rather warm tone.