Laneige Brush Pact

Omg I gotta share this Laneige Brush Pact with u girls! When I first received this, I had to google it cause I didn't know what it does. 

The entire product is basically a small cylinder and when u twist it, it separates and u get a base with ur product in and the top holds a retractable brush. 

I have it in No. 2 Pore Control!

Firstly, the brush is SO dense and SO soft. I love the fact that it's a 2-in-1 product so I don't have to carry a powder AND a brush.

It's also so small that it fits into my small bags! Double awesome.

Omg pls look at that blurring effect 😱 The left is just with sunblock on and the right with a light dusting of the powder!

I love that it's translucent so it doesn't add coverage and doesn't make my base cakey. It's incredibly lightweight too! I have been using this to set my undereye's concealing as well and it feels so much less drying than baking! I'm incredibly impressed tbh. 

I really carry it everywhere no matter the size of my bag. It's so small! Actually, I'm secretly Doraemon - I can keep a gazillion things inside a miniature bag. I constantly impress people with what I can whip out of my bag despite it's deceiving size 😂

I have a 10% promo code for all my readers get ur Laneige products off; PNXLANEIGE (I don't get anything from this so just to share!)