Laneige x Lazada

A lot of girls here have asked me on BB cushions and Korean brands and I've always answered the same thing - I haven't tried much so I can't give an accurate answer. Y'all know I try every single product first before I recommend

And I'm so super dooper excited to say I can finally do it today!!! Laneige X Lazada has reached out for a collaboration 😱 and I am so honored and apprehensive all at once.

hey sent me a whole bunch of stuff but were super nice about it, making sure to emphasize I only recommend and write about what I tried and liked so here I am with a post today! 

I'm gonna talk about these few that I REALLY like and have been using a lot-

Laneige Pore Control BB Cushion - 21

Laneige Pore Control BB Cushion - 21

I've tried the original BB Cushion before but it got abit too much with Singaporean's humidity so when they released the Pore Control one super long ago, I've been dying to try it and I finally got the chance! 

First up, check out that holographic packaging. Isn't it major love?

Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 8.15.09 PM.png

Pls ignore the constellation of breakouts on my forehead. This always happen with plane rides.

So anyway, I only applied one thin layer and look at how fresh I look! It evens out my skin tone nicely and gives me a nice even glow from within. U can tell that one layer is enough to even out skin tone but not conceal imperfections. 

I like how light it feels and it stays light throughout the day too. U know how sometimes certain base starts to feel heavier after ur oil has seeped thru?

Laniege Cushion Highlighter

Laniege Cushion Highlighter

And omg omg I didn't know they have a highlighter and u know I welcome all highlighters far and wide. I was like a little kid on Christmas Eve, waiting to try this out.

This is slightly smaller than the BB cushion but still a huge pan for a highlighter, right?? 

And it's baby pink tooooo!!!

I used my finger to swatch it but it does come with a smaller sponge inside. 

It's this very beautiful pearlescent pink and there isn't distinct glitter. Just a nice pearly sheen. That's just one dab into the pan and one swipe - very pigmented!

Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 8.19.05 PM.png

See that glow! Like my skin is glowing from within and who don't want that right? It's like I save a step of spritzing setting spray on my brush and then picking up powder highlighter to achieve the same effect! 

This is slightly brighter compared to the Estée Lauder Genuine Glow Eyelighting Creme. It's like the older sister. Both are good; but for different looks lah~

Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 8.15.45 PM.png

And this is a complete before and after using the Laneige products I've mentioned above with my other usual makeup stuff.

I tested out the foundation and it blew me away! The oil control was so on point? I was out for 9 hours and was in the sun all and I didn't need to blot the entire time! But I still had a glow to my skin?? 

I didn't use a setting spray nor a setting powder! Just layered my contour/blush/highlight on top of the base. 

Omg that highlighter sheen is to-die-for. That glow u r seeing is not real. It looks real, but it's makeup HAHA

The sudden change in weather/climate also means my skin is not behaving. The dry spots around my chin were accentuated but the rest of my face was super nice and glowy. 

This cushion is obviously designed for those with oily skin and this works so well for that. For those with drier skin, I would recommend the original one thats slightly more hydrating!

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

Sleeping mask i've heard before but this is completely new to me!

I use the applicator to scrape some of the product off and apply it directly to my lips with the applicator. It has this balmy texture that almost melts into the lips. No tacky feeling at all.

This is a light layer of mask on and the tightness on my lips instantly disappear. It really resembles the face sleeping mask! The glow and the wet look 😂 The scent doesn't linger and disappear almost instantly. My lips just look damn plump and hydrated. I super love this and have been using it every single night! 

The next morning, my lips are significantly more hydrated, not peeling and I noticed less fine lines on my lower lip. Which is awesome cause I exfoliate my lips a lot lesser now! 

Took a after-shot! This is how my lips looks after I brush my teeth and pat them dry so no balm or anything on ATM! They are super hydrated and feels v v soft. Luv it.

All products mentioned above can be found on !

This is my first ever collab with such a big brand and I feel so grateful and I really would never get this chance if not for this platform and u girls?? Always trusting my reviews so wholeheartedly and I'm just really really v blessed and full of gratitude at this moment. But don't worry okay! I won't sell myself out lah. Will only recommend stuff I like! 

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