Laneige Milkyway Fantasy 2016 Collection

I was very kindly sent the Laneige Holiday 2016 collection and they are boooootiful!

😍😍😍  I'm so mesmerized by the release this year. Have any of u gotten it! I know I've seen some pictures alr haha

These are available on Lazadasg but not included in the 11.11 sales but I'm still gonna continue to enable you with swatches and prices HAHA

First up, is the two-tone shadow bar ($38). This looks exactly the same as the two-tone lip bar! I kept picking the wrong thing up wtf HAHAHA

And here are the swatches! I took them at an angle so you can see how shiny shiny the shadow is 😍

I thought these look pretty intimidating at first but they were v simple to use! In fact, these are quite creamy and pigmented that I didn't really had to tug on my lids. I went over my lids with the bar, then using either side, I touch up wherever I deemed fit. 

I didn't even use any brush to blend and all but because it's cream, I would definitely set my lids with primer/powder first so it won't crease. Either that, or I would apply similar shade shadows on top.

This are the two-tone lip bars ($34)! Omg how can I forget about the packaging. It is different from the usual Laneige lip bars cause this is BABY PINK 😍 Even the cover is metallic gradient pink omg I die.

Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 7.27.25 PM.png

AND THE MARBLING. These makeup companies really know how to target weakness HAHAH

I love these more than the usual lip bars. Idk if the formula is different but these are so much more moisturizing! They go on easier and blend better. 

I also dk why is it called 'Bloody Dress' for Christmas release tho....πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ Is that really what the Korean label states?? I'm soooo curious.

The lip swatches images are appearing a tone lighter than real life. But omg okay, despite the super weird name, I loooovvve Bloody Dress. ITS SO PRETTY IRL. Idk what it is but it looks v v good irl. I can't explain it and apparently, it seems my camera is not picking up how pretty it is. It's quite apt for fall and winter cause it's so dark. Love it. My lip swatches so fail today sozzzz.

I've been looking at Korean makeup trend and I realize they really like to do shadows in a gradient manner too! So the darkest shade is closest to your lash line. 

Plus reddish/burgundy shadows are in season now right? I think Pony started it or smth. Haha I vaguely remember a YouTube video!

Really enjoying this entire collection. Thank you, Laneige!

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