Medicube Red Capsule Cushion


Now this has apparently gone viral before but I bought it without knowing anything. This was one of the request when I asked on IG Stories so I got it. The only available shade they had in store (at whitesands) was 23. I didn’t even know if it would work but ok lah, just try HAHA yolo


I find this very odd. It looks like a pill but thank goodness for it because the cushion itself is a tad too dark but with that little pink and white, it totally made it ok. I could work this LOLOL


I also gave a few first impressions on IG Stories under Makeup highlights alr so u know this gon be good haha

This is a pretty high coverage cushion. But it’s not....heavy. It doesn’t feel heavy. It removes my redness completely, giving me a nice even cover without making it seem like I have a full face of makeup yknow? 

If I set it, it can last 8-10 hours, no problem. The finish is semi-matte, with a subtle healthy glow. It also doesn’t emphasize my lines! 

I also really really like the sponge. It’s different? Softer, I wanna say. I really like this. A bit pricy but I feel like it’s worth it! 

I must add that I HATE the packaging. I hate the entire Medicube line’s packaging. It’s damn ugly. I’m sorry lah, it is. I hate it.