Maybelline Tattoo Brow Gel Tine - Review!


I decided to get these two to try! I've fallen in love with eyebrow tints ever since I tried the Etude House one and a lot of drugstore brands have came up with them too. 

So I got the Kpalette and Maybelline one to try out so I can do this mini-review, focusing mainly on the Maybelline one.


The K-Palette one is definitely thicker in texture (compared to Maybelline) but not as GAO as the Etude House one. That one is damn syrupy and thick and makes it damn hard to control application, I feel. 

Both are easy to apply, and control is pretty alright too. I normally just use a cotton bud to clean up if necessary.


But as u can see, the Kpalette one took way longer to dry just cause it comes out thicker and makes it harder to spread. 

The Maybelline one is way lighter and spreads easier for sure. Dries faster too.


As for shade, bless Maybelline for coming out with a GREY one. πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ

I have dark blackish grey brow hair. I hate brown tints, brown pencils, brown whatever. It shows just cause my brow hairs are dark lah. 

When I used the Kpalette one, my dad asked if I dyed my brow hair red πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ No lah, ζˆ‘ζ²‘ζœ‰ okay. It's the tint that made my skin reddish looking.


Ok, not the best comparison but only one I have on hand. 

Top is Maybelline one and it's really grey. Very suitable for my brow hair shade. It's also freshly applied.

Bottom is Kpalette but after 2 days. Can u see the tint is reddish brown?? Not suitable color for me personally. 

Based on color, Maybelline is ftw.


Personally, I also feel like the Maybelline one is by far, out of all 3 including the Etude House one, is the easiest to peel off. Even if it's after 30 mins or so. Don't have to wait hours for it! 

I find the Kpalette one DAMN HARD to peel off properly - no matter how thick or evenly I try to apply it. It clings on to my brow hairs damn bad and I always have to pull at it to remove it at the end, and it's after 3 hours of drying ok.


Ok, but warning, the Maybelline one can be DAMN dark so imma try and explain how I do mine. 

The first time I did it, I coated my entire brow and left then for 4 hours. I got a shock after that cause it was SO DARK. The second time I did it, I actually only did the tail end of my brows and fill the front with pencil! This way, I get the nice natural gradient! ζˆ‘ε–œζ¬’ haha 

I must say, both lasted really well, for a few days at least! The longer u leave them on, the longer the tint lasts. I am really liking the convenience of these brow tints just cause they save me so much time in the morning while I get ready. Just fill in the shape and I am good to go!