Wishtrend Hours-Long Moisturizing Gauze Sheet Mask


Guardian recently brought in Wishtrend and i’m EXCITED. I am currently trying out their propolis serum and picked up this Hours Long Moisturizing Gauze Sheet mask to try as well!

Its a two piece mask and the texture is…weird. It felt kinda wet-slimy like a sea cucumber haha But the weird texture trapped a lot of the serum so it wasn’t a dripping mess and there wasn’t a lot left in the packet either. I like! Every bit goes on my face haha


I LOVE the effects too. I would totally use this before an event. The brightening effects were wow, and my skin as significantly plumper. My redness was reduced too. It claims to be moisturizing but I feel like if i were to use this at night, and sleep in air-conditioning, I would still need a moisturizer to seal everything in. Reside wasn’t tacky and everything sunk in beautifully. The mask also didn’t dry up for a long long long time. It didn’t really move around cause of the texture too. I love it. A definite repurchase!