Mediheal Meience Tofu Milk / Black Bean / Nattogum Sheet masks REVIEW!


I bought a bunch of masks from BKK Watsons when I was there (I love visiting Watsons from other country lol it befuddles my husband so much cause he’s all like, ‘they sell the same thing!’ And they DONT.)

I was also kindly informed that this Mediheal Meience range is available in selected Guardians!

This is the Tofu Milk one and its the bomb.



I don’t even need to go further? Brightened, plumped up and moisturized. I’m a happy camper!


This is the Blackbean one and it smells like 豆沙包!!! I shit u not.


But it wasn’t as good as Tofu Milk. Slight brightening and moisturizing but that was about it!


This is the Nattogum one I posted on IG stories. I have been doing mini reviews there and it’s so efficient and time saving lol.

This is the oddest one!! The texture of the mask is like hydrogel but it’s a sheet mask? I think cause Nattogum is...slimy and stickish. I applied the rest of the serum all over my body and it’s not sticky after, and it’s extremely moisturizing!


I felt like this one had the least observable effects and also, it’s after my period so skin is behaving.

But it’s the one that left my skin the SOFTEST.

Natto contains lecithin, which is a skin softening, conditioning and smoothing agent! It’s also powered with Vit E, K2 and PGA!

The stickiness of natto is packed with PGA - an amino acid that when used in skincare delivers hydration. It’s ten times more hydrating than hyaluronic acid and far more elastic than collagen.