#Maskotd: Aprilskin Rose Water Modeling Mask


Tried out the Aprilskin Rose Water Modeling Mask cause I didn’t know what I wanna try from the brand lol. So I picked smth random. 

It’s a super pretty packaging but omg it’s damn damn damn mafun. Like this is NOT a neat thing. It’s $8 so not cheap either.


It’s also scary af lol. 

I wanted to eat my dinner with it so I didn’t apply it over my eyes/neck etc. 

Dried pretty quick but the surface of the mask remain kinda watery. It also came off SUPER easily, in pieces. I love how it came off. That was pretty fun.


My skin was very hydrated after and I really loved how it felt. Pictures don’t seemed to do it justice. My redness was duly calmed and irl, the effects were more obvious - my skin was brighter. 

I love the effects but really, idk if it’s worth the price and effort. A lot of sheet masks can do that in the same amount of time with less cost and mess lol. But if you just wanted to try a modeling mask (aka me), then it’s right up your alley. Can even save the provided spatula for other products.