#Maskotd: Pure Heals Propolis 80 Sleeping Pack


When I saw this sleeping pack in Watsons, I knew I needed to try it cause the first thing I saw was 80% conc Propolis!!!!!! What even??? Buy. I thought it was a tube at first but turns out it’s little blisters packed into a box. It’s convenient but that box is waaaaay too much for a one time application. I managed to split it into 3 nights. I kept the open one in the fridge, covered of course. 

The color looks exactly like honey - rich golden yellow but it’s not as thick! Like...diluted honey haha so it’s very easy to spread. 

I also use a spatula to scoop the product out so it remains clean. It gets absorbed but not fully. The product does remain slightly tacky but I don’t find it much of an issue cause so far, I love the results. 

It keeps my skin sooooo soft and I love washing it in the morning after I use this??? My skin tone is also more even and bright! I love this. I really do. 

They also have a serum with an extremely high conc of propolis )(I think 90%) under this line and I bought it liao lol it’s alr on its way to me yay! Can’t wait to try that out. 

Pure Heals is only available in selected Watsons if I’m not wrong!