#Maskotd: Mediheal RNA Whitening Sheet Mask


Wah it’s been a while since I tried a sheet mask that made me feel so happy.


Mediheal never fails. This one not only brighten my skin within 20 mins, it also sufficiently plumped it up and moisturized it. The fit is amazing and I love the material. It feels v lux. I forgot to take a pic but it came with a weird mouth flap that I just use and then I use a tissue to wipe off after and all my dead skin cells lifted up! Omg idk what sorcery but my lips damn soft after that. 

My skin was really v fair and even after that. I just added a few drops of my NUXE dry oil and that was it. The best part is the effects lasted well into the next day. My skin was even and bright. I didn’t even need a base product. I absolutely absolutely love this.

I don’t normally repurchase sheetmasks but I love it so much, I bought a whole box of ten alr. And don’t say I never share. The box is now on sales at Sasa! Instead of U.P $60, it’s $35 now. FASTER GET. Worth it. 10000% worth it.