#Maskotd: D’MASK Rose Water Revival Mask


This mask sold at Guardian totally caught my eye with the packaging. At $4, it isn’t cheap at all but the ingredients sold me. 82% Rosewater is the first on the list and I know I had to try it. 

If you seen my IG story on it, my first impressions was just a hard No. The mask was stretched beyond reason and idek how it could happen in the packet. Perhaps over weighted by the liquid? Idk. The essence is a nice lightweight, almost jellyish liquid and I actually quite like it.


My skin was not having a good day so it was a good time to test it. Rosewater is very hydrating and calming and I felt like it did that. It reduced my redness and calmed it down, was very moisturizing and I could even skip a moisturizer. But it just wasn’t worth $4, imo. I could easily use the Mamonde Rosewater Toner and some cotton pads to achieve similar results, I feel. 

I don’t feel interested in trying out the other two versions alr. Bad first impressions!