#Maskotd: Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Mask / Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy Boosting Face Mask


I love that Sephora now carry the smaller sample sizes for a few of the Fresh products I’ve always wanted to try. I hardly finish a skincare product so committing close to a $100 without knowing if it works, is just too much for me, especially if it’s just a wash-off mask. 

I’ve seen so many influencers raves about them that I also really wanna try???? Is it really that good anot! 

All the products coming up are bought with my own money!

Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Mask


This is a 5-min wash off mask and the claims are that it will brighten your skin and instantly wakes it up.


The actual ingredient list looks decent, just that nth ‘important’ nor any of the boasted ones are in the top 5, so yes, I was skeptical. 

I never get a before/after pic for this cause I am SO LAZY, I use this in the shower! I wash my face, apply this and then get around to actual showering and shampooing etc., and then washing it off so it’s about 10 mins in total! It’s very brightening and makes my skin super even without drying it out at all. 

I take back my skepticism. This actually works beautifully. Like, this works. I was very surprised myself cause I wasn’t expecting it to. I leave it on for more than the stated time (normally 10 mins) and it works fine too. 

It makes my skin very bright and even, leaving it soft to the touch. I LOVE IT. I think it’s best as a morning mask seeing the properties can last throughout the day and makes ur makeup goes on better. Love love love. I’m actually considering buying the original size!

Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy Boosting Face Mask 


Similar to the Lotus one, this is a 10-min wash off mask!


Boasted ingredients! 

The actual ingredients contain plenty of citrus fruits extract (lemon, orange peel etc.) so if you know ur skin is sensitive to those, skip this or patch test first. 

The consistency of this makes application a bitch. I feel like it’s too...gooey and too clumpy to give it a nice even spread. Smells delicious but not easy to work with. 

It works and brighten the skin but I don’t feel like it does as much as the Lotus one so between these two, the Lotus one definitely win handsdown. I would repurchase the Lotus one but not this. It does photograph beautifully tho! 

If u ask me, go for the Lotus one, it works WONDERFUL and application was better. However, I freaking hate the smell of it. I thought it smelt nice and floral-y at first but if u apply it as a mask, u gotta smell it cause it’s RIGHT THERE. And omg it’s damn...nauseating (for me) after a while. I don’t like it much so I don’t apply it around my nose area LOL.