#Maskotd: For Beloved One Melasleep Brightening Lumi's Key Bio Cellulose Mask


Quick #dayrebeauty review! Flo gave me one of this very hyped For Beloved One biocellulose mask to try! Apparently this is like OG of biocellulose mask! 

Compared to others I’ve used, this is immensely thicker and apparently must be of certain thickness to be more effective and u only got to use it once a week or smth?? But lol 3 for $63 or smth like that at Sephora. I kenot. Just mask daily using cheaper masks can anot.


There was no ingredient list and I was too lazy to google so I just blind-tested it! And wowza. Not only did I almost become transparent, can y’all see how plump my skin became??? My pores were completely blurred out and effects were still highly visible the next day. I saved the essence in the packet and just use it as an add-on serum cause I liked it that much!!!

But the price tag tho. Lol. Should I????