#Maskotd: Innisfree Second Skin Oil Serum Mask (Green Tea) Review!



Bought this pretty expensive mask from Innisfree after madeline introduced it to me!! There’s a few range and I picked the green tea one! 

I LOVE the second skin one that Joyce gave me and this is the Second Skin Oil In Serum one! It apparently has 15% micro-fine oil serum.

Aside from squalene (which my skin loves), this has Camellia Sinensis seed oil & leaf extract as well. It does contain dimethicone so FYI. 

This oil can help smooth rough patches of skin and lock in moisture. It also has anti-aging properties. It is also packed with anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. 
Camellia oil absorbs very quickly. It permeates deep into layers of skin, promoting cell growth and providing support.


I must say I really really enjoyed it. It made my skin brighter and more translucent lol. Plumped up my skin really nicely but I still had to use a moisturizer over it! 

It had slight tackiness but it doesn’t really affect me. It left my skin really smooth and glowy. I really like how moisturizing it is but DAMN EX LAH hahaha fml. 

If you have oily skin, this might just be abit too much but the regular second skin one should be okay for u!