#Maskotd: Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask / Peel Off Mask 2X - REVIEW!


Received these new Innisfree clay masks! I heard its a reformulated range!


I tested all on the back of my hand and the peel-off one came off very shiokly. So that was the first one I decided to try!


Tried out the Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask! 

I normally use the Mamonde Pore Clean Clay Mask on my cheeks and forehead where I don’t get breakouts anymore and my HG Origins Activated Charcoal on my nose and chin to absorb any excess serum cause those are my oily spots. If I am breaking out hormonally around my chin, then I use my Origins Out of Trouble Mask (also clay but with zinc to target blemishes) there.

Since this Innisfree one has pretty much the same claims as my Origins ones, I simply replaced it to test it out. 

Right off the bat, it’s extremely creamy and spreads easily. Drying time was pretty regular of clay masks, depending on how much u use lah. 

However, looking at the ingredient list, the sebum-absorbing stuff are listed as no. 5 onwards so hmmm....🤔🤔🤔

It does contain volcanic ash (no. 5), kaolin (no. 9) and bentonite (no. 10) but not within the first three ingredients. 

My skin is definitely softer after washing it off but I knew it wasn’t as...powerful as my Origins one. With the Origins one, I can go for about 1 week before needing to mask again but using this, I felt like my pores got gunkier faster and I felt the need to use it again after 3-4 days. 

I guess I would alternate this with the Mamonde one for my cheeks/forehead since it’s pretty gentle and not that drying. I don’t have much sebum there to absorb anyways! Good for people with minor skin issues and drying skin. If you have oily skin or skin that’s easily congested, u probably would be using this more than 1x a week. 

If you have more sensitive and drier skin, then this would be great! Also would work if you’re looking for a beginner’s clay mask!


I really really really like how it dries very evenly, doesn’t drip down even tho I applied a thick layer and accumulate in clumps at the base of my face! 

Also, based on the picture, judging that my entire face is there, I guess it’s safe to say it peels off wonderfully and very easily. I didn’t have to tug hard or anything!


Sorry for the lighting discrepancies. I took this in the day and the freaking weather was just not cooperating. Tbh I wasn’t expecting to see any results and I didn’t really LOL. At least not for ‘clearing out pores’ cause really, no peel off mask can do that. 

It basically lifted off surface dead skin cells and I was very surprised at how even my skin complexion was after. 

It’s also not drying and my skin was very soft after that. If you like peel-off masks, you will super enjoy this. Remember to peel from bottom-up so you don’t tug your pores downwards okay. 

Also, I don’t encourage use anything peel-off too often since they still do pull at your skin. Once in 2 weeks is fine for gentle exfoliation (can remove all those fine hairs yknow) but definitely NO PORE STRIPS. Those are the worst. I can’t believe I was using them for so long. They are really v v harming!

Overall, I am pretty impressed with the new range! Aside from the stick one which I feel was just gimmicky, I would repurchase the other two for sure; esp. the peel off mask!