#Maskotd: Mamonde Flower Lab Essence Mask (Magnolia/Calendula/Camellia/Narcisscus)


Received these 4 Mamonde Flower Lab Essence Mask and I was pretty excited to try them. Going in order so I tried the Magnolia one first! 

I have a code for Lazada x Mamonde so if u guys wanna get the masks, can use


I don’t get any thing out of this code so just sharing okie. 

It has niacinamide so yay cause brightening. The main ingredient - Magnolia Kobus branch/flower/leaf acts as an antioxidant. It contain a large amount of flavonoids and polyphenols and can protect cells by removing free radicals. It also has a positive effect in soothing & also relieving inflammation!


The fit was great and omg it was SO SOAKED. I applied the mask and then squeeze all the remaining essence from the packet on to the mask. The remaining amount can fill another mask, I think lol


Mask lasted for a good 30 minutes and this is the immediate before/after! There was significant brightening and I frelcitd even more obvious irl than the pic is showing. My skin was very plumped and hydrated as well. 

Within a minute or two of my skin absorbing the essence, my redness was reduced even further and my skin was very bright and even! I LOVE!


Tried the Calendula one next! 

Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract is extremely healing. The extracts of the plant not only promote skin healing and repair, but also significantly reduce inflammations. It’s also been shown to be very calming for skin with eczema, rashes, wounds and even bruises.


This had not much brightening effects which wasn’t surprising cause of the ingredients but it really calmed my skin down. Can tell from the before that my skin was slightly irritated, which was nth unusual but this mask reduced the redness and plumped my skin up. 

It felt very nicely moisturized and the best part of these masks seems to be the fact that they are not tacky after! They get fully absorbed and I get happy skin 🙌🏼


Tried the Flower Lab Essence Camellia one! 

Camellia Japonica Flower Extract is known to have skin soothing properties and antioxidant properties. It helps to neutralize damaging free-radicals that are constantly present throughout the environment.


This one was very meh for me. It was very moisturizing but that was about it. But again, camellia is just meant to be soothing so I guess it did what it’s suppose to?? Lol it’s just a property that a lot of sheet masks have as well. 

So far, my fave is the Magnolia! I have one last one to try - the Narcisscus one so I’ll let u guys know after I try that! 

I have a code if you’re buying Mamonde stuff off Lazada! It’s PEAMMD10. Try this series of masks! It’s really pretty decent. 



Speaking of AP, I’ve finally gotten around to trying the final Mamonde Flower Lab Essence Mask I have and it’s the Narcissus one! 

Narcissus tazetta bulb extract has been shown to delay cellular proliferation when applied topically and this means anti-aging effects! It also has soothing properties and helps to maintain the skin’s elasticity and brightness.


I really like this! My skin was less irritated, very plumped up and super moisturized. Ok on the brightening but in general, it feels soft and nice. 

So based on the 4 I tried, I think I like the Magnolia the best for brightening, this one for plumping of skin and calendula for soothing! Camellia one didn’t impress me much.