#Maskotd: Elizabeth Arden Superstart Probiotic Boost Skin Renewal Biocellulose Mask



The main boasted ingredient is Lactococcus ferment lysate, which is a probiotic and let me just state first that scientific understandings of it is definitely still hazy and not very solid LOL. 

There are a few studies out there and the results are mostly positive but it’s definitely smth that needs more studying into. That’s not gonna stop many big brands from hopping on board and I’m always up for trying anything that (might have) good effects! 

LFL is a probiotic ingredient that is obtained from the Gram-positive bacteria - Lactococcus lactis. The lysate is a substance that is produced when you break down the cell membrane, which means it contains things like cytoplasm and cell wall parts. Wow all the stuff I’ve studied under plants in JC is flooding back to me right now. It can encourage epidermal growth that in turn, can result in better skin barrier function! 

However, this study that states the above was only done on like, 5 participants. Not exactly a very fair one. 

The mask also contains Allantoin which is highly regarded for its skin soothing/healing properties. It helps to promote healthy tissue formation and enables it to absorb more moisture. It’s particularly effective at treating wounds, burns, skin ulcers, eczema, and any other abrasion in the skin. This is a pretty amazing ingredient so i was quite excited! 

Another ingredient is alpha glucan oligosaccharide which is also a probiotic. It’s derived from sugar molecules that can strengthen our skin's natural barrier and it does so by increasing the healthy bacteria on our skin. (I really wish there’s more studies I can find on probiotics but in the meantime, these will have to do) 

Now, this is all talk so let’s see results right! 

I would like to add that right now, my skin is the best it has been...probably for the past 10 years. I really don’t have much to complain about? My hormonal cystic acne still visits before my period but I got it under control. I have very fine lines under my eyes but products I’ve been trying are definitely helping. I don’t think my skin is particularly bad or uneven at this point.

I take a lot of closed up images cause of testing products so I actually have a lot of closed up of my face over time to compare and I am damn happy with my skin right now. 

Like, I can’t explain it ok. If you never had bad skin before, this is smth that cannot be described lol. I look in the mirror and i feel like crying cause it’s like, all my efforts are legit paying off.


My skin was significantly brighter after use. I didn’t actually think it would be. Like, I think I’m almost translucent after the mask lol. Maybe one day I’ll get to be transparent. 

It’s definitely more moisturizing than hydrating. Plumped up my skin even more so my pores seemed smaller. I definitely had this very nice glow and effects lasted well into the next day. I woke up pretty radiant which made me happy. 

It’s a biocellulose mask and lasted for about 30 mins on me before drying out. 

It’s not a magical mask so effects do wear off lah, as per all masks. Effects should lash longer with more permanent use, I suppose! 

I’ll see what I learn from the workshop and I’ll share useful learnings!