#Maskotd: Vely Vely Sheet Mask - Honey/Pomegranate/Pumpkin/Aloe Vera


New Vely Vely sheet masks to try out! I know, I know I still have the Innisfree ones to complete (I’m like, down to the last freaking 3) but the first 12 really did not impress me much and I’m so put off by the thought of trying them. 

These, however, looked SO FUNKY. I love it. I’m all about the colors. More colors, the better haha so this got my attention right away. 

I tried the Honey one the other night!


It did brighten me up SLIGHTLY and I rather like the plumping effects. Didn’t do much in terms of redness. It’s as basic as many other sheetmasks, I feel. Hydrating enough tho! I thought the Honey would lead to a more brightening result but no leh. The good thing is that honey has many other good properties like anti-aging and anti-inflammatory so that’s always great imo. 

Then I went on to try a few more throughout the week!


Then I tried the Pomegranate one and I LOVE IT!!! Wah this one damn awesome. I was a whole shade brighter - as u can see, redness was reduced, my skin was plumper and there’s that really nice blurring effect. This one better than Honey for sure. 

I was feeling super unwell a few weeks back and I was lying in bed for 14 hours before dragging my ass out of bed to take a shower. I really felt like shit and my skin was so dull and lifeless so I decided to try the Pumpkin one! 

Yes, I was unwell and I still could mask cause #priorities obviously. 

I don’t think I’ve tried much of anything with pumpkin for skincare in it before so I was pretty excited. Aside from them being a natural form of AHA, I wasn’t too sure what they are good for actually. So I did a bit of googling! 

Pumpkin has a rich source of antioxidants (Vit A & C)and enzymes that digest aged, dehydrated and useless skin cells to reveal healthier and younger-looking skin.

It all sounds pretty good and the mask states that it’s for revitalizing skin and that sounded like what I need so I went for it.


And I was BLOWN AWAY!!! I used the same controlled lighting (not natural sunlight), same background etc so I know it’s definitely the mask. 

Not only was I so much brighter, my skin was so plumped up. Redness was significantly reduced and the blurring effect is 👍🏼. 

I thot the pomegranate one was gon be my fave but this tops it. I still have 5 more to try so I’ll be back to review them. Hopefully they each top the next one LOL


I kinda went overboard with my claymasks so my skin has been feeling kinda dry and irritated. What’s better than aloe vera to soothe right!

Oddly, it didn’t reduce my redness but definite brightening and soothing! Hydration was also upped for sure and my pores were blurred out. These Vely Vely masks are IMPRESSIVE. I am super enjoying using them. 

They are $2.90 each on the site and tbh, that’s not that cheap. But if you compare to the regular Innisfree sheet masks, which imo, needs a lot of improvements, and those alr cost $1+ each, then the extra dollar worth paying lah, right? HAHAHA