#Maskotd: Laneige White Dew Vita Capsule Sleeping Mask - REVIEW!


Omg guys, guys. Seriously. 

PLS GO AND TRY THIS. Like, *cues heavenly music* 

This is BOMB. I hope you all can feel my excitement over the screen because I wanna tell it to everyone who will hear me. This is EVEN BETTER than its predecessor!!! 

I was so upset when the previous sleeping capsule got pulled down cause I LOVED that one. I have a review on it on Beautypeadia.com! I was quite worried I wouldn’t like this as much.


I was super impressed. Like, I keep going to the mirror to look at my skin. It was CLEAR and absolutely evened out. The brightening properties were so immediate. 

I instastoried it and it’s in my MASKOTD Highlight section!


I immediately texted Flo and she was trying it too and see what she say! Not I ownself bias hor. Lol. It’s the truth! 

This one is slightly different cause the brightening capsule is not within the gel pack itself. The sachet actually contains the brightening powder that you have to mix in the capsule then apply. 

1. I find this super troublesome but anything for beauty.
2. Make sure you lay a tissue down below before doing this and switch off your fan/don’t do it where there’s wind

It’s MIGHTY messy. The powder is so fine and I didn’t know lah. I did it over my dresser and it kinda looked like I was doing drugs ok (*ahem cocaine) HAHAHAHAH. 

Plus all the good stuff is in the powder so you don’t wanna waste it too right??? 

The bulk ingredient in the sleeping powder is mainly lemon extract (lemon peel, lemon oil, lemon everything). If you are sensitive to it, pls patch test first. I don’t have an issue with lemon extract so I went ahead full-on. 

For the gel capsule, there’s squalene which is amazing for skin (antioxidant, abtimicrobial properties) and trehalose (moisturizing). 

For the predecessor, it actually took 1-2 uses for me to actually see results. This one, INSTANT OK!


This was my skin the next morning #nofilter! Super even, super clear, very soft and just damn nice skin lah. Omg I. LOVE. THIS. MASK.


PROOF! Once you apply the mask, the results are almost instantaneous. My skin immediately brightened up, redness starts to decrease and there’s this unexplainable clearness.  


The next morning! Bear in mind there’s slight lighting difference cause my curtains are not too blackout. Aside from that, for both pics, I was using the same LED lighting.   

This is available for $28 but Lazada is having promo for its 6th birthday from 23-26 april!! So stock up stock up!!!