#Maskotd: Innisfree My Real Squeeze Masks’ Reviews PART I


Today’s review will be for the entire row 1: honey, shea butter, fig, pomegranate, rose and lime.

This is also so I don’t die and go blind from typing. 

I have before/after pics for each mask, and I’ll also be talking about ingredients aside from just effects. Under Cons 👎🏼, I’ll be stating ‘alcohol’ and ‘dimethicone’ if the mask contains them. However, this is really only because I know some of u don’t wanna use products with these two ingredients. I personally do not have much issues with these two ingredients but I’m just putting it out there. 

I’ll also let u know out of the 6 for today’s review, which is the one I enjoy using the most! 

The below 6 masks all have an average wear-time of 20-30 mins, with the some drying up faster on me. I didn’t have any sensitivity or other issues with using them and the fit was pretty decent for my face. I’m not gonna go into that cause fit is relative and we all have diff face shapes lah.

They aren’t what I would call, daytime masks, even with the lightweight ones due to the texture left behind.



I’ll talk about the benefits of the main ingredients first (in this case, honey) before going on to the pros and cons, then show u all the before/after! 

Honey and propolis are not the same thing and it’s often mistaken for, but they do have pretty similar properties. With anti-inflammatory properties, it reduces redness/inflammation and heals skin. 

Honey can also oxygenate pores by drawing out bacteria. Basically, skin-clearing properties. 

• smells very subtly of honey (I’m a huge fan) 
• lightweight mask
• hydrating
• brightening
• slight reduction in redness
• dimethicone
• alcohol


There’s very slight reduction in redness (that’s mostly around my cheeks) and my skin was significantly brighter. The mask is hydrating and I simply used a lightweight moisturizer instead of my usual cream one that night. No issues even in my air con room. 

I wasn’t immensely impressed nor did I dislike the mask. It was pretty average imo, and I always compare regular masks with MBD Squalene one and that still win hands down.

Acai Berry


If u compare, the Acai Berry one significantly looks thicker than the Manuka honey one. This is really thicker cause the essence is creamy, compared to the light watery one for the honey mask.

Acai Berry is known for its powerful antioxidant properties and in turn, anti-aging properties! 

• smells slightly of berries
• mask was very creamy and soaked with essence
• very Brightening
• moisturizing (vs hydrating) 
• reduction in redness
• dimethicone
• slightly heavy/tacky finish


The mask is very brightening and I was duly impressed. However, this would still be better if your skin was dry and not dehydrated. I would also think this would be better for more mature aging skintypes and if you feel like your skin is tight/oily, go for the lightweight masks like the Honey one instead.

My skin was quite moisturized at the end of using the mask and massaging the rest of the essence in and I skipped using a moisturizer that night!

Shea Butter


Shea Butter is a known moisturizing ingredient and is also packed with anti-inflammatory properties. However, I wouldn’t recommend this to people with easily congested skin just cause shea butter is a pretty heavy ingredient.

• very moisturizing
• slight evening of skintone
• dimethicone
• heavy finish


I didn’t feel like this did very much for me. There was very slight reduction in redness and it was indeed moisturizing so I skipped my moisturizer. However there are definitely better masks on the market that can do much much more. So this is a meh for me.



One of my fave ingredient in skincare, rosewater has plenty of benefits like anti-inflammatory and anti-aging! It’s also lightweight enough for most skintypes, even sensitive ones. It is very calming and unless u really hate roses or the smell of them etc., I don’t see anyone hating on this ingredient ever. 

• contains niacinamide for brightening
• lightweight
• hydrating
• brightening/evening of skin tone


I felt like after using this, my skin looked...healthier. It felt like it would be a decent mask to pick up on days when u want smth clean and simple to hydrate your skin. It hydrated my skin nicely and didn’t feel too heavy afterwards. The list of ingredients is basic enough without any obvious ones that will irritate skin so yay for that!



Pomegranate is full of antioxidants and also has abilities to protect against free radicals (so anti aging too!). It can also stimulate collagen production.

• very lightweight
• brightening/evening of skintone
• dimethicone
• alcohol
• not as hydrating as I hoped
• dried faster than the rest


From the rest of the pics, u can tell how my skin is still glowy and wet from the leftover essence of the mask but this just really didn’t hydrate much. It is brightening, but not so much hydrating/moisturizing. Again, comparing to MBD Squalene, that can give u the same brightening properties AND hydrate really well at the same time, so this is a very very meh one for me.



Lime is a one ingredient that I don’t really see in skincare so it was quite new to me. Upon further research, it seems that lime is a pretty good ingredient leh. It is effective in clearing congested pores and has astringent effects too. Oily skin will like this! 

• has niacinamide - for brightening
• lightweight
• hydrating
• brightening
• slight reduction in redness
• slight tacky finish


I did rather enjoy using this! It’s hydrating enough for me to just use a light layer of gel instead of cream moisturizer after and not feel like it’s too dry. I also like the brightening effects. I wished that it reduced redness alil more but overall, not too shabby! 

Out of these 6, I think my fave is the lime (surprisingly) and my least is pomegranate cause it didn’t do much for me personally. 

Alrighty! Stay tuned sometime next week (I’m hoping), for Part II is thus mega review. I’ve alr tried and drafted the next 2, so 4 more to go lol. Hope this was useful! 💕