#Maskotd: MBD Duo Brightening Black Pearl Ex* Mask Review

I’ve been meaning to try these ever since seeing them in KL Watsons awhile ago and I finally got around to getting the box! The holo on it makes me wanna die 😍


Ingredient-wise, it’s pretty decent. Licorice Roots for brightening, coupled with plenty of hydrating and healing extracts like Aloe Vera, Sugar Maple and Sugar Cand Extract. 

The mask is very soaked and held on to the essence for a long while. I was doing some chores and was in the aircon room and it was still damp after a good 30 mins. I used the rest of the essence in the packet and spread it on the parts of the mask that was drying up and it managed to last another 10 mins?? 



The pic isn’t doing it much justice cause of my lighting but I was significantly brighter. Not only that, the smoothing and blurring properties were quite amazing huh! My pores were all blurred over and my skin was really glowy and hydrated. The hydration effects lasted really long and I woke up with nice bouncy skin still. Pea-approved!  

MBD never fails me and I’m super glad I got this box hehe worth it!