#Maskotd: Tahpre Special Care Mask


Tahpre is a brand on waseyo.com and LORD, THIS RANGE IS JUST *cues heavenly music* 😍😍😍

Zomg okay, firstly, packaging on point. It has PIN-UP GIRLS ON IT!!! I love pin-up girls. It’s very...The-Balm-Cosmetics-ish. 

Secondly, BOMB INGREDIENTS. It’s 5-free so no paraben, artificial preservatives, dye, fragrances and mineral oil. 

Sheetmask first cause I was damn blown away by it. This is the Special Care Mask which focus on lifting and firming while providing hydration and brightening effects. What’s damn amazeballs is instead of water as a first typical ingredient, this has PROPOLIS EXTRACT as a base. 

I love Propolis. That’s my 2017-HG ingredient of all time. I’ve gone through 2 bottles of Propolis ampoules and am on my 3rd currently. 

The second ingredient is hyaluronic acid and it also contains a ton of peptides. Peptides are essentially made from amino acids and they make proteins - which are the building blocks of skin. 

Without peptides, our skin will lose its firmness, the ‘QQ-ness’ and develop wrinkles. It can not replace Botox but it definitely is a good addition of ingredients to skincare just for maintenance. You always wanna maintain and not repair.


I had to take a before/after cause the results were SO stunning! BYE BYE PORES. Lol, no okay this cannot shrink pores cause pores cannot go smaller but it does plump up my skin so much that it makes my pores look completely gone! 

Not only that, it has no tacky or heavy finish. It also doesn’t freaking dry up. Idk what this material is made of but I had it on for like, 45 mins and it’s still so damp. 

This is good for days when you wanna pamper yourself before heading out for an important event? It’s not sticky so u don’t feel oily or wtv. Makeup goes on so nicely after cause your skin is just plump and hydrated. Urrgh. So nice so nice. 

Even after showering and washing my face, my skin still looks damn glowy/bright. Major love. 

• don’t dry up fast
• brightening
• plumps skin up
• GREAT ingredients
• longlasting effects
• hydrating
• non-tacky finish
• great fit (for me)