#Maskotd: Mediheal Airguard Foilab - Waterful


I reviewed the gold foil version one here and I really like how brightening and soft that made my skin. 

Recently, the erratic weather has been driving my skin crazy and it feels drier than usual so I decided it’s time to finally try the silver version out and I LIKE THIS SO MUCH MORE. 

This is the hydration version and it contains a different fermented ingredient - Bifida Ferment Filtrate. This is a HG ingredient for dehydrated skin.

I guess the price tag of $7.90 is really worth it IMO cause that ingredient is first on the list and the packet boast of it being 70% of the ingredients. The rest of the ingredients like Sodium Hyaluronate, Adenosine, Honey extract and other plant extracts are pretty great for skin too 

This feels way lighter than the gold one and is soooooo hydrating. The foil means I can keep the mask on longer than regular sheet masks plus I extra so I use a silicon mask holder thing on top of it so I legit wore this mask for over an hour. 

My skin was sooooo bouncy and hydrated after that. I could feel my skin just thanking me in the air con room as it drinks up all the water. 

The next day, my skin had no hint of dryness, which unfortunately, is starting to happen a lot recently with the windy weather. 

• last longer compared to regular sheet mask
• good fit  
• good ingredients
• extreme hydration
• slight brightening
• reduce redness
• effects last till next day
• really pricy for drugstore

Available in Watsons!