#Maskotd: Kosecosmeport Clear Turn White Mask (Hyaluronic Acid)


Zomg my mind was blown away by this. I already emptied out the entire box of 5. That’s how much I love this. 

The box filled with Japanese words can be pretty confusing/intimidating so let me try and break it down:

Pink box: Hyaluronic Acid
Blue box: Collagen
Yellow box: Vit C
Orange box: Coenzyme Q10
Gold box: Pore care 

This pink one is the hyaluronic acid one and hello, pls omfg it’s SUPER awesome. 

The first time I used it, I took a double take after removing okay. My skin was freaking translucent with this glow. It’s also reaaaaalllllly hydrating and it feels damn good. I LOVE IT. It also has an extra flap to cover over your eyes! Can just rest and enjoy. 

I use a silicon mask over it and it can stay on for a good 40 mins? It’s even more wowing after HAHA damn extra really. 

I cannot rave enough about this. I’ve been telling everyone I see to go get this and try. I would give u one but I finish my entire box liao LOL

• extremely brightening
• good hydration abilities
• soaked with serum
• extra flaps for eyearea care
• soft soft skin! 
• really weird fit - like I can’t get it to fit about my mouth area properly. 

Available in Watsons