#Maskotd: Kosecosmeport Clear Turn Babyish Mask


This range comes in a packet of 7 masks with ziplock so it’s pretty easy to use. The masks are soaked as well but they dry up really quickly cause you’re only meant to use each one 5-7 mins. 

These are GREAT for day use. I know a lot of people don’t like using sheetmasks before makeup application all cause most sheet masks leave a tacky heavy residue behind but these are so lightweight! 

Pink packet: hyaluronic acid/trehalose to hydrate and moisturize
Silver packet: vit C/strawberry geranium to brightening
Yellow packet: honey glycerin/collagen to plump

I’ve tried 2 from the silver and yellow packets but tbh.......I cannot tell the diff. Maybe cause only 5-7 mins?? But it’s great to use in the day. 

It is very lightweight so no heavy/tacky residue. It keeps my skin hydrated and my makeup goes on a lot better. Hydrated skin means my skin don’t try to compensate and produce more sebum so my skin is less oily. 

I just slap it on after my serum, wait 5 mins, apply moisturizer and sunblock! Usual sheet mask step basically. 

• really lightweight
• only need 5-7 mins of ur time?? 
• hydrated skin = not oily
• makeup goes on better
• doesn’t fit me well lol

Available in Watsons!