#Maskotd: Luxury Soo Bopye Snail Mask


This is the Luxury Soo Bopye Snail Mask Pack. Before I even begin, OMG I LOVE THIS!!!!! All of u need to go try this. Pls go try this. 

Okay, I got this off Sample Store and I've never heard of this brand till I visited the site. I got a few different ones from this particular brand as well but I've only tried this so far and my mind was blown. I love sheet masks that blow my mind lol


Firstly, it comes with a top sachet that contains eye cream. And I quite like the eye cream leh! It's v moisturizing and feels v nice. Plus it's a very decent amount. 

It is separated by a perforated line and the lower part contains the sheet mask. Very easy to remove and unravel cause there's a plastic sheet in between. 

The material is v soft and it held on to the essence incredibly well. The mask didn't even fully dry out after a good 40 mins. However, as u can tell from the pic, the fit is slightly too big for me. But aiya, most sheet masks are so it isn't a big deal. Not too off anyways. 

There isn't a lot of essence left in the packet after as well tbh. The smell of the mask is super hanbang-y and I love it. Love all these herbal smelling stuff 😍


This is what's most impressive. My skin was instantly brighter and has this translucent glow to it. It also reduced redness and blurred out my pores like no one's business yah. 

My skin was incredibly soft after and I'm madly in love. This is my...1st experience with snail stuff and I must say I'm very pleased with it.

The results lasted for at least 2 days which is mighty impressed. 

This mask, I'll definitely stock up!! However, if u want to get it, Sample Store will link to a website for u to buy but I really really believe I've seen it in a drugstore before but I JUST CANT RECALL WHERE *tears hair out* I'll update if I find it again okay. I swear I've seen it in some place in SG lol. 

Anyw, this is HG status for sure. Maybe I'll do a post on my HG masks from drugstore to high end.