#Maskotd: Dr. Smart Whitening Revival Brightening Face Mask

Haven't done a #maskotd in a looooong time so here's one and it's a drugstore one. 

Before I go on, can I add how I LUV that Watsons and Guardians are bringing in single pieces of sheet masks in all kinda variety. I'm a sheetmask WHORE. Now I can try all brands and kind without buying them in a set of 10. 

Anyw, I was at Guardian the other day, just strolling and I came across these Dr. Smart sheet masks and I picked 2 up. These are not sponsored lol 

These are $2. That's okay imo for sheetmasks esp. if the ingredients are decent. I know it's more ex than if I were to pay for a box of 10 lah but I get to try a lot more leh. I prefer that cause y'all know trying new skincare is my lyfe.


I got two kinds - the brightening and moisturizing one. Haven't tried the latter tho so this is just for the brightening one.

The sheet mask is really quite thin and it's apparently made with 'Tencel fabric woven with Spunlace'. It feels more luxe than regular cotton masks but I don't feel like it did much in retaining moisture.

I found it super hard to unravel the mask just cause it was all kinda mashed up in there with the essence as well.


The fit was really really nice but it really started drying up super quick. Around 20 mins into the mask, it was alr peeling and falling off at the edges just cause it was dried alr. There's a no-no for me. 

Even MBD masks last >30 mins on me in an aircon room and I didn't even have the fan on for this one.


There's slight discrepancy in lighting cause it started to rain right after I took off the mask 😒 but there was definite brightening properties. No reduction in redness tho. 

There was also really nice blurring effects, so that was very nice. Overall, I probably wouldn't repurchase and the sole reason is there's too many new masks to try on the market. 

However it's still worth a try seeing as how Niacinamide is 3rd on the list and there's also Pitera in it for $2!