#Maskotd: Leaders Stepsolution Pore-Scaling Black Aqua Mask

Got a bunch of stuff from DFS and one of it was this box of mask! I would buy more but I need to finish my current stash first. Caved in to this cause I just wanted to try smth new.

My first black mask! 

(I don't like the feeling of stuff on my nose. It's just v irritating to me. Nothing to do with clogging pores or anything) 

I didn't even study the shelf. I just picked a random one and this is for cleaning out pores. 

The essence of the mask was damn thick and I love the adherence. It didn't budge at all even when it started drying. Luv it. Used the leftover on my neck and knees too.


The mask really did brightened my skin up immediately 😍 but it left a very heavy residue. But the most significant thing is the reduction in redness, for sure. It totally calmed my skin down the whole night. I feel like the Laneige one here still did better for redness.

I skipped moisturizer cause of how my skin felt even after 2 hours of masking. This is extremely moisturizing but I don't feel like it's particularly hydrating cause of how thick the essence. 

Featured ingredients include - 
Volcanic ash (clean pores) 
Sugar maple extract (natural AHA) 
Soybean extract (anti-aging purposes) 

I'm a regular user of AHA so my skin didn't feel anything but I've read a few reviews that this creates a tingling sensation with first use for some people. 

Tbh, I don't see any diff in pore size but this is my first use lah. Can't expect much. The brightening effects were a very nice plus 👌🏼 tho! 

The residue was slightly tacky and heavy so I wouldn't use this in the day. Definitely a PM mask but then again, I do most of my sheet-masking at night so that's okay with me!