#Maskotd: Laneige Lavender Sleeping Mask

When Laneige announced that a lavender-scented sleeping mask is gonna be released, I jumped for joy. 

I am in a lavender-scented everything phase right now.

I KID YOU NOT πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

This is worse than when I was into rose-scented. It's not my fault that lavender-scented stuff are more available leh??? I also have a multi-cleaner that's lavender-scented except that cap is spoilt and I dw to risk staining the rug so I didn't take a pic of it. 

Yes, I'm cleaning the house with that cleaner and I'm drying clothes with lavender-scented dryer sheets as well.

If anyone knows of any nice lavender-scented perfume, pls let me know πŸ˜‚

Back to the mask.

I was half-expecting it to be purple HAHA idk why but ok, it's not. It's regular sleeping mask color. 

But zomg THE SCENT THO 😍😍😍

I used it the first few nights I got back and it really helped to calm my mind down and prepare myself for rest. The husband also said I smelled nice so bonus??? I start my nightly-cleansing with lavender-scented shampoo/conditioner and end with this mask β™₯️ Totally put me in a damn relaxed state?? I can't explain it leh. Just go try, guys hahaha 

Plus the smell is subtle and don't linger long. Just enough till I am all prepared to rest up for the night! 

As for the mask, if you love the original sleeping mask, I don't see why u won't like this leh. Same thing but smells even nicer. Really sleeping mask for real this time. 

I've been just using this nightly now cause of the scent. Even if I don't use it on my face, I use a light layer on my neck cause neck also needs pampering right? Lol excuses cause I really wanna use it. I love this SO MUCH. I'm gonna empty this out soon liao LOL