#Maskotd: Faith in Face Signature Gold Mask

I finally got to try this FIF gold mask! This gold is damn scary for real, y'all. Light actually can reflect from it. 

It comes in 2 separate pieces and there's a netting that separates them so removing and applying was actually pretty straight forward. The essence was pretty thick and didn't drip all over.

The underside of the mask is soaked with essence and the gold foil does really prevent the essence from evaporating. I had this >30 mins and still had leftover essence to use on my neck, legs and arms.

Adhearance was really 👌🏼 and I didn't have any issues with it falling off or needing to adjust etc. The size was also surprisingly suitable! Most masks tend to be too big on me.

I used this at night so I don't really have good sunlight to do a comparison but you can see that my redness is reduced, u can't really see from here but my skin was super bright and even. My pores were also blurred out and I could skip moisturizer cause it really is very moisturizing. 

The essence is rather thick/heavy so definitely more suitable for night use. 

Instead of usual mask ingredients, the top 3 on the list (and definitely worth mentioning) are:

1. Ascophyllum Nodosum Extract - this is basically seaweed if my research is correct. It contains 14 vitamins and 16 amino acids and sea water minerals similar to those found in human tissue 😱 Why have I not heard of this before! It apparently can soothe irritation and boosts circulation to aid cell renewal and improve skin elasticity! 

2. Epilobium Angustifolium Extract - this is from the willow herb and is known to have soothing effects (reducing redness) by mimicking hydrocortisone, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and anti-oxidant effects. 

3. Portulaca Olaracea Extract - this is from a succulent plant and aside from anti-oxidant properties, improving skin elasticity, it can also soothe skin. Apparently good for conditions like dermatitis and psoriasis too! 

For the ingredients in this and placement of the good stuff, it's really no wonder this drugstore mask is $4.95 a piece. It's rather pricy seeing as how one MBD mask is only $.90 a piece but it's definitely worth a try and a worthy special-event mask! Now I feel like I also need to try the silver one.