#Maskotd: Mamonde First Energy Firming Mask - Honeysuckle (Review!):


#maskotd !! This is the First Energy Firming Mask (Honeysuckle). There's not a lot of reviews or info on this mask online when I tried to find out more so hopefully, my review will help if u r looking for one! 


Nothing to complain about the texture or fit. The material held on to the essence for a VERY long time. Almost 10-15 mins more than most of my sheet masks. In fact, the sheet was still slightly damp a hours later (I left it on the counter to dry)


These are the ingredients I found on the Mamonde website and the notable ones are Niacinamide and Honeysuckle. If u r allergic to alcohol denat, stay away but if u r worried about the alcohol being drying, it's not really cause of the other moisturizing ingredients included in it so all's good. 


Usual mask application except I found the unfolding abit cumbersome. Otherwise, fit was pretty okay too! 


This mask promises firming but I can't attest till I use it more lah. But it does satisfy what most sheet mask can do.

Definite brightening properties upon removal of mask! I was really afraid the Niacinamide would act up with my skin but surprisingly, it didn't?? 

I was prepping for a full-blown breakout with this but heng ah. I mean, I did patch-test but I was still worried lah! 

This mask dried down completely and yay to no sticky residue! I know some of y'all hate that so can consider this! Plus my skin was super soft after. Hydration was alright, nothing wow and I still sealed it off with a moisturizer!

Overall, the brightness was most impressive. Reducing of redness was not there but this isn't a calming mask lah. Hydration was alright only so if u are seeking smth for dry skin, maybe find something else!