#Maskotd: MISSHA The First Treatment Essence Mask

A #maskotd review cause I only have one of this. I was pretty impressed on some factors, and not so much on others so just gonna wrap it up in a quick review! 

The mask is seaparated into tzone and uzone, with the uzone having an attachment at the bottom for upper neck and chin.

At first, I was really confused by the side pieces from the uzone. But once I figured it out, it made a lot more sense. The side pieces can accommodate more face shape!

The sides I was referring to! 

As u can see, the material of the mask is thick af and the mouth piece is so tiny. I look like I have my whole face bandaged up. 

It was quite weird with the small mouth piece but overall, it stayed on and only started coming off when it dried up - which took about 20-25 mins?

I was very impressed with the after-glow. I know fiddysnails gave this quite a mediocre review but I liked it ALOT so case of YMMV right here. 

It didn't do hydration as well (it was okay, nothing special) but I really was v v glowy and bright after the mask. I totes forgot to do a comparison (sorry!) but I can really see a brightening difference irl after removing the mask. 

Definite repurchase! Do they have this in SG MISSHA 🤔 I don't see why not tho. 

• immediate brightening
• reduction of redness

• okay hydration
• really weird shape plus material