#Maskotd: Bidanpo Balhyo-Jinjeong Mediental Healing Mask + Skin Analyzer Tool!

If sheetmaskgasm is a thing, I think I've discovered it. Today's #maskotd is Bidanpo Balhyo-Jinjeong Mediental Healing Mask. This name tho. 

Omg but for real, the second I held it in my hands, I was blown away. The material is super soft and it almost feels like it will just give way in ur hands. It is made of fabric with a v interesting weave. U can see it upclose and omg, it makes me cry.

The fit is AMAZEBALLS as well. And it just feels so luxurious. Well, they are compared to the rest seeing as this is ~$3 a piece while my TSW and MBD ones are usually ~$1.50 a piece! Almost double. 

They are special occasion masks! Like what I deemed my last piece of Laneige Clear_C Adv Effector Mask to be. These 2 are definitely my HG sheetmasks!

Anyways, it was gonna be date-day so pampering to look good for the hubs is a good enough excuse to break into new luxe masks okay.

How my skin looks like the next morning. No filter, iPhone 6s back camera. 

It's not as hydrating as I thought it'd be but omg it made my skin soooo soft, and there's that glow from within. You all can see from pics. I'm not making shit up 😂 My skin likes all things hanbang apparently. 

I have a coming skincare post (yah again lmao) on how results of sheet masking daily plus a review on the White Dew Original Ampoule coming up. Eeks I love finding good shit okay. It makes me so happy.

If u have been watching all my self-entertaining Instastories, u know I got this recently and have been trying it out. It's been a couple of days and I think it's working fine enough to share and review haha

I wanted to see if there's a home-use skin hydration analyzer and came across this amongst a few others on Amazon. When I saw that FiddySnails reviewed this before, I decided to go ahead with this instead of the others. 

I hate that it looks like a pregnancy kit srsly. Why tho???

The seller I got from. It came on time, with proper packaging and batteries included so yay for that! It's just regular AAA batteries so easily replaceable. 

Also comes with a super simple manual that has both English and Chinese. Includes function of each button, how to read the readings and what it means. Not too shabby!

Idk how this works tbh but I tested it on damp skin and it shows 99% water and when tested on normal dry skin, it goes down. So I'm gonna go with, it's pretty accurate lmao. It's not anything scientific lah but it's fun.

I can't fit my entire spread sheet here so here's a very oddly cropped picture. This is my spreadsheet for recording down the data 😂 

So I am just recording the products used for each step for both AM/PM, followed by hydration levels before and after. This will allow me to see which sheet mask helps to retain/provide hydration the best, which routine helps with hydration, and if sleeping masks make a difference! 

Still not sure if I should share this but I don't see any harm to it?? Once I establish a baseline and see that it makes sense, maybe I'll just share the link to it.