#Maskotd: Tosowoong Pure Propolis / Green Tea / Snail Sheet Masks!

#maskotd is Tosowoong Pure Propolis Mask. This was v highly raved on Reddit. I feel like it's definitely more hydrating than the Deep Sea one and it made my skin really soft and hydrated. Nubbad. But because of the fit, I still like MBD one better.

This one I like more!! This is Tosowoong Pure Green Tea Mask. 

Both the Propolis and Deep Sea one promotes lifting and hydration but this is for whitening! 

Ok, I learnt that in Korean, 'whitening' is essentially 'brightening' and that when used, it can calm inflammation and redness!

My skin after 6 hours after masking! It's definitely v hydrated and my redness is rather controlled today. I didn't use the Tone Up Cream so u all can see actual skin haha

I feel like the mask is also more 'drenched' with essence compared to the first two, so I do prefer this. But still, not a definite repurchase.

Ok but after Deep Sea, Propolis and Green Tea and this, the Pure Snail, the Pure Snail one wins hands down! 

It's super hydrating, and I felt like my skin retained the hydration the longest with this. It is also really brightening! I know it says Anti-Wrinkle, but the immediate difference I felt for brightening was so much more significant.

My skin after moisturizing! I included AHA in and normally, my skin gets a little pesky after AHA and takes a while to calm tf down but it's so instant here. I had no redness and my skin is so glowy and even. Taken with back camera of iPhone 6s FYI hahahaha

I wasn't so impressed with the earlier ones but this is definitely a repurchase from me already.

The other day, I slapped on a sheet mask and then a sleeping mask cause my skin was really dehydrated. Then before I fall asleep, I was wondering how the hell do I know if the moisture in my masks and all work till the next day? 

Then I woke up and started a flurry of quick googling and ended up with....

U would have seen it on my IG-story recently! I got ma'selfz a new toy yo. It looks oddly shaped like a pregnancy kit with the screen and color and all but it's not. Not pregnant. 

It isn't the most accurate device but I thought it'd be a great starter tool to get an estimate. Hah. Now my reviews will be backed by numbers (if this thing is accurate!) 

Which means I can actually know which routine gives me the most hydration, which sheet mask hydrates the best and effects of hydration lasts the longest etc. 

Are u guys ready for that. I'm so excited cause it's gonna be here in <24hrs! Thank you to whoever for coming up with Amazon Prime.