#maskotd: Naruko Collagen Brighter Firming Mask

New #maskotd ! Saw some pretty decent reviews for this Naruko range and decided to try it. The packaging swayed me greatly. It's so freaking cute! 

I got the Collagen Booster Firming one and I believe there's a few other different ones for this range. This seemed to have some pretty decent brightening effects so I wanted to test it out

The material is slightly thicker and sturdier than the MBD ones but not as thick as TSW ones. It fits okay but still has excess around the ear and temple area. It comes with slit but the mouth part still required some finessing to get it down flat.

Firming or not, I can't tell cause only one use but definitely contains brightening properties! It didn't reduce redness much tho. It was pretty lasting and I find the hydration decent. Nothing mind-blowing but v suitable for Spring weather. It isn't really tacky after it sinks in so that's always good! I simply layer on a light moisturizer or the Dr Jart+ Ceramidin Liquid and I'm done.